Outside Southern, ME wedding venues

So, we're looking for something CHEAP in Southern Maine for an outdoor wedding/reception. We love the looks of barns but we're also thinking an open field would be great!
We also want to cater ourselves!

Any ideas?

Re: Outside Southern, ME wedding venues

    Knottie Warrior 10 Comments
    The only place that comes to mind is Southern Maine Community College. Have you checked them out?  I was at a wedding there last summer and the bride was able to decorate everything herself, and they even have places to stay. There is a gorgeous ocean front spot for the ceremony and a campfire for toasting marshmallows. Not sure how the catering works but I wouldn't be surprised if you can do it yourself.  Good luck!
  • The Barn at Hardy Farm in fryeburg is where I am getting married next September and I highly recommend them if you are willing to have the wedding up there. They are very flexible and we are catering ourselves as well. I don't know you're budget, but it is definitely one of the cheapest options in Maine for a barn wedding. We are doing the ceremony in a forest clearing with the reception in the barn. 
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