Wedding Video Music options :)

I am attempting to pick songs for my wedding videio...

i know I am using Marry Me by Train for the ceremony highlighs

I need to pick one for the photo shoot/1st look

And 2-3 for the highlights of reception 1 slower beat the others upbeat?????

Anyone have any great songs that I might be forgetting about :)

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Re: Wedding Video Music options :)

  • really no one has any song ideas :(
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  • Guess I'm this for a video to be played at the wedding, or music to be played during a video OF your wedding?
  • Video of the wedding not during the wedding :)
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  • Jason Mraz/Colbie Calait "Lucky" would be good for first look, I think.
    Black Eyed Peas "Let's Get it Started" could be fun for the reception.
  • Thanks :)

    I think i got it all figured out finally lol

    Marry Me for the ceremony
    White Dress for the photo shoot part

    and the 3 for the raw footage  i'm thinking...

    Feels like home, Chantel Kreivazuk.. Feels So close, Calvin Harris, Dont Stop Believing, Journey...

    But i like lets get it started now better than dont stop believing lol
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