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Engaged to a Ladyboy

Hey Ladies! I am new here and I just wanted to share with you all the wonderful news. I am an American and just got engaged to my ladyboy fiance! We had a romantic week together on the beautiful island of Ko Phi Phi in Southern Thailand last week and I proposed. However, I have a problem. We want to get married but I can't bring the ladyboy back to the States since federal law prohibits us from marrying and I can never get a visa to legally bring the ladyboy back. Also, though ladyboys are all over Thailand there is still a lot of discrimination in Thai society. So as you can see I am in quite the conundrum and need your advice on what to do so we can spend the rest of our lives together. I included a picture of her below.  As you can see "she" is quite the stunner and I can't let "her" go.  Any thoughts?

Re: Engaged to a Ladyboy

  • Strange idea.  A ladyboy is not a prestigious choice for a partner anywhere in the world, and your ensuing childless status will result in further ignominy for you and yours, either in Thailand or America.

    Are you sure you've thought this through?  What do your parents think/know about the situation?

  • We most certainly will have children!  I adore kids and want to have several.   We will provide a Thai surrogate with a sample of our mixed sperm and she will be paid handsomely to get pregant and carry the baby to term.  My parents don't know we eloped yet however I will break the news within the coming month.  Since they are devout Catholics, I will tell them "she" really is a she.   As you can tell from the picture above, I really doubt they will ever be able to tell "she" is a ladyboy anyway.   My fiance is also very feminine so I believe this plan is pretty foolproof. 
  • *rolls eyes* come on guys. You can do better than this.. -JDUer
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    Hell-bound ladyboy! You are going to burn for an eternity if you do not repent and accept Christ! If you were to die in your sin you would be thrown into the lake of fire to burn in an inferno with demons that breathe sulphur and exhale fire. God used to have his people kill folks with your perversion.

    You are wicked and vile. Repent.

    Leviticus 20:13
    If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them.
  • So you are engaged to the transgender model that google tells me is named Amy Amor?

    Add that to the weird fact that you choose to continuously refer to her as "the ladyboy" and not as a she or your fiancé. I don't think this is real at all. On the off chance this is real, don't you think someone in your family will google her and find out that she is not only transgender but is a model of sorts?


  • Yes it's fake. TROLL alert.
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    Yup. Not too smart to be easily found with the same user name on the other forum that you post on. Fail.


  • This person is really on a roll tonight. Check out the fiance ultimatium post.  And the take-his-last-name-become-a-slave post. HAHAHA
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