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Hair done on Site or in Salon?

Hi ladies,
I guess this question is for married ladies or people who know the flow of the day. I've been looking for someone to do my makeup and hair for my wedding. Living in NOVA it is NOT CHEAP! Many of the people I've found do offer coming to the site of the wedding. This incurs travel fees and is often a more expensive package (sometimes with minimums requiring my bridesmaids, newy out of college, to get their makeup done as well as their hair). I have found a few salons that look okay. They don't have as many pictures of their work posted.
I need your thoughts on getting my hair and makeup done at a salon instead of having someone travel to me. Does that work okay? Is the work quality? I'm so frazzled and people are booking up fast!
Thanks for your help brides and brides to be!

Re: Hair done on Site or in Salon?

  • I had both hair and makeup done at a salon, along with my bridesmaids, and it worked out beautifully.  If the professionals are worth their salt, it'll last the little bit of extra time it takes to drive there, and it was far less stressful than trying to squeeze it in on site would have been. 

    If you can afford it, I would recommend a test run at your chosen salon, though.  Gives you a chance to play with styles, so you know what it looks like on you, and the hairdresser/makeup artist knows exactly what you want.

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    I had both my hair and MU done at the hotel I was getting ready at. It was so nice to just wake up in my PJs and have everyone come to me. It took any alot of the stress and I got to sleep later. Please after I put my dress on the MU people were still there, so they were able to do last minute touch ups.

    I paid for my bridesmad to get their hair and MU done also, so we all ate breakfast and got ready together.
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  • We went to the salon and it cost about 40% of what an onsite person would have cost.
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  • Hi! 

    I am a professional onsite wedding hair  + makeup artist based in Seattle, so I apologize if my information isn't relevant to other places, but this is what I've found in my practice. There are pros and cons to consider with both. You can check out my website at to look at Seattle prices. 

    Salon pros: 
    1.Often cheaper
    2. Can use a hairstylist you are familiar with
    3. don't have to worry about another "wedding" vendor
    4. you're in and out

    Salon cons: 
    1. many people do not realize that the majority of hairstylists in salons are not well-versed with bridal hair - doing cuts and color is a whole different world from updos and curls. There are exceptions, of course, but the majority of hairstylists in salons do not specialize in bridal. 
    2. often crowded and not accommodating for the bridal party or family members to hang out. Some salons are, some aren't. 
    3. parking, traffic, and location are all a factor because you go to them and it can add a lot of stress to the day. 

    Onsite pros: 
    1. at your convenience wherever you are getting ready. No traffic or parking, or transporting your bridal party- onsite comes to you. 

    2. since it's in a hotel or bridal suite, you can mingle while you wait for your hair to set or while you wait to get your makeup done. Much less stressful. 

    3. onsite bridal hair + makeup teams specialize in bridal and are usually much more well-versed in any style you would possibly want than an in-salon hairstylist. 

    4. Their tools and equipment is specialized in bridal hairstyles and makeup and is made to last all day. 

    Onsite cons: 

    1. It's another wedding contract. 

    2. It's more expensive than in salon, depending on the service. NOT ALWAYS THOUGH! Some onsite hair is very comparable to a nice salon in price but not comparable in increased convenience. 

  • my current hairstylist is traveling to me and along with two other hairstylist (one of which is also MUA).  My wedding is 1.5 hrs from where their salon is located.  I paid $100 travel fee, but to have people I am comfortable with was worth the extra money.  and compared to prices if I just hired someone local to my wedding city, it was actually still under budget even with the travel fee.  They will come to the hotel we are getting ready at.  And since I hired all three, they offered me my make up at no charge.

    If anyone "requires" your bridesmaids to get hair and make up done, you need to offer to cover that cost since it should not be a requirement for them.  Some people just do not like other people doing their hair and makeup.  I am paying for my bridesmaids hair and makeup and all of them said they would still rather do their own make up and one wanted to do her own hair--totally fine.

    You can always start by telling bridesmaids, hey make up is this much, hair is this much--let me know if you need an appointment.  But if anyone shoots back that they do not want hair and make up you need to honor that and not make them pay or get it if they do not want it.


  • I think the point about salons not being as well versed in bridal hair is a good one. I'm using a company that is travelling to me - true it is a bit more expensive, but I'd rather not skimp on something as important as hair and makeup! The company is very popular so very well versed in bridal hair and makeup - it's ALL they do! I've also read that companies like this take care to make sure the bride is comfortable that morning - such as making sure the bride has eaten, etc.
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    I went to a salon for my hair and it worked out great!  If you see a salon stylist that you think looks good, go for a trial and you'll know for sure!  I would never book a salon stylist or an on-site stylist without a trial.

  • I am going to the salon to the girl who always does my hair. I've been seeing her for several years, and we've built a good rapport, so I wouldn't feel as comfortable with anyone else. I may have my makeup done there while I'm at it - I haven't decided yet.
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  • I did salon. It was easier & less stressful for me because I had my mom, two BM, a niece, an aunt from OOT and a sister from OOT who all were getting their hair done. I had so many because when booking I sent out notices to all the VIP women asking them if anyone wanted me to book a spot for them at my salon & what the prices were. Two girls opted to do their own hair, others were like yes, book an appointment for me.  The salon booked each person their own stylist so we were all done in about 1 1/2 hours or less. I splurged on better quality makeup and had my stylist who also did my makeup use that (based on what she did for trial) to do my makeup. This way if I needed to do any touch ups during the day, I had the right stuff with me to be able to fix my face.
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