be beautiful, melanie crane reviews?

Hi! Has anyone worked with melanie crane, owner of be beautiful, for hair and makeup? I've heard back from her and got her pricelist, but having a hard time finding any real wedding reviews of her work that aren't on her website. Thanks!

Re: be beautiful, melanie crane reviews?

  • I had a good experience with her and have recommended her to others.  She was prompt and did a good job. She will travel to you, which is a nice perk, and I was able to negotiate the price down a bit for multiple people.  Definitely do a trial first, though, as I found some things I did not like that she was able to change for the wedding day.  She did both hair and make-up, and I was pleased with both.  Hair held up great the entire day.
  • I had a trial for hair and makeup. Disappointed is an understatement. It was very amateur looking. My makeup wasn't blended well, lashes were clumpy, hair looked like a rats nest. I could go on but won't. There are better options out there. I just wish I hadn't spent over a hundred dollars on a trial to figure that out.
  • Did you end up booking with be beautiful?

    I was a bridesmaid in a wedding they did and all the hair came out fantastic.
  • I'm also considering going with Melanie Crane since her prices are pretty reasonable. Any other reviews on her??
  • I have seen great reviews here and on other sites for Liz Fuller from Makeup Artistry, Inc.  It seems like a lot of people really like her. I actually just called and booked a trial.  The pics on her site seem very natural-not too much. I don't wear a lot of makeup normally and don't want to wear too much on my wedding day, so she seems like a good match.  I will report back after my trail, which is in July.
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