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After much debate, I decided to go with fabric flowers for my wedding bouquets. I just hated the idea of spending so much money on something that will wither away.  I found a fabulous artisan on who did an amazing job for us. They were completely custom made to our theme & colours. All in all, we got 4 bouquets and 4 boutonierres for $500. 

Is anyone else going with fabric bouquets? 

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  • I'm creating a boquet out of fabric rosettes.Similar to this:

    All in all, we are spending less that $200.

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  • Your flowers are beautiful! I'm doing all paper flowers for center pieces and fabric for bouquets and bouts. It's partially for cost reasons, partially so I can do it ahead of time and partially because if I or others want a memento, we can keep them.
  • Plus, I also like the fact that these flowers are going to last forever as a keepsake :)
    That was a HUGE thing for me as well!
  • Veryyy pretty!
  • I am making my own brooch bouquets with fabric flowers. Mine is ivory and the BM's are green like their dresses. I am making 6 and probably spent about $40 - $50 for supplies. Got most everything with coupons so that helped a lot! We are finishing them up tomorrow (wedding in 10 days!!). The thing that took the longest obviously was putting the flowers together but all in all it was fun and a huge cost saver for me! My daughters (8 and 10) and I made some of our own brooches using pearls and rhinestones so that saved $ as well. What's great is that they are keepsakes so they will be able to look at their bouquets in the future and remember the fun we had making the brooches. I used pins, buttons, earrings, shoe clips, etc. Whatever fit my theme and looked good. I also borrowed some brooches (something borrowed) from friends which was totally appreciated! I can't wait to get them done so I can check that off the list! :) I ended up taking the ribbon off of the green one (the BM's bouquets) and it looked so much better!

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    I love your flower choice. Very soft and romantic and will be a beautiful keepsake. I was considering fabric flowers for just the bridal party and then having fresh flowers everywhere else but I haven't fully decided just yet. 
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