New Orleans Second Line Brass Band in Baltimore?

Hi!  I am planning a wedding in Baltimore that incorporates a bunch of New Orleans traditions, like a brass band doing a second line.  

I am unsure how to go about doing a second line in Baltimore, so I would appreciate any help!  Here's some questions:  
1. Do you need a permit?   
2. What hours of the day could we do it?   
3. Could we do it in the streets of Baltimore, or are we restricted to sidewalk, like around the harbor?   

I've contacted a few bands that I am waiting to hear back from, but I was wondering if anyone else had done this and had some tips.  

Re: New Orleans Second Line Brass Band in Baltimore?

  • I don't have any information on that, but it sounds awesome!  I love the idea.
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    If you're using the streets or parks of Baltimore, you'll need a permit. Check out and click on "Request for Permits" hyperlink on the front page. There, you can research and apply for the permit that's right for your event.

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  • Who are the brass bands you are looking into ? I'm trying to hire the same type of band but just to walk with us from the ceremony to the venue
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