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Guest List Spreadsheet

Hi ladies!! I've seen a couple of Knotties ask about creating guest list spreadsheets, and I recently shared mine with a few friends who are also getting married. I just put together a quick blog post sharing my template, and thought I would post it here in case anyone needs it! Feel free to download it and adapt it to your needs if you're looking for something along these lines!

Hope this is helpful! 


Re: Guest List Spreadsheet

  • Thanks for sharing. I already had a sheet but I like the way you did yours better :)
  • Great spreadsheet!  Looks very similar to what I used for the weddings of my 2 daughters. I also included a column to note how we knew each guest: friend, work, church, family, etc.  This was helpful when doing our seating charts.

    One thing I like about using a spreadsheet like this- it is perfect for using that great RSVP tip we got from someone here on TK: each guest line on the spreadsheet is numbered, so when writing out your RSVP's write the corresponding number for each guest lightly in pencil on the back of each response card. Now if you receive a response card where the guest forgot to fill in their names (it happens), all you have to do is check the number on the back of the card and then go to your spreadsheet to find the name. :)

    Thanks for the helpful info!

  • Thank you so much :) With a guest list of 266-280, I really needed some organization.
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