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Vendor Reviews

Hi ladies!  I haven't been on here in a while, but I am finally getting around to posting my reviews from my wedding last Dec.

Reception Venue:  The Caswell House
They were so easy to work with and were very reasonably priced.  It is a little on the small side, but we had about 120 people and it was perfect.  We were able to bring in all of our own vendors, which saved us a ton of money.  They don't have much outdoor space (other than the wrap-around porch and balcony) but since it was December, we didn't really need that anyway.  Big plus....their caretaker (who is onsite for the event anyway) will bartend for crazy cheap.  Since we brought in all of our own alcohol, it was perfect. I would highly recommend it.

Caterer: Derek Dilley
People are still talking about the food.  And I actually took the time to sit down and eat, and it was fantastic.  He charges an hourly rate plus the price of food, and I think it came out to about $8 or so per person.  He's a private chef and prefers smaller groups, and venues that have an on-site kitchen.  Love him.

Flowers:  Donna @ Central Market
She's great.  Hands down the best prices in town, and she made it all very, very easy.  They were beautiful.

Hair: Haley @ Garbo Salon
Not recommended.  I've used Haley for cut and color before, and she's great at that.  But NOT wedding hair.  We did a hair trial first (updo) and I hated it.  I was pressed for time to find someone else, though, so I still used her but left my hair mostly down in hopes that it would be better.  Nope.  Don't even bother (although she does do fantastic color!!).

Make-up: Cindy Perkins with Mary Kay
Fantastic.  She did a trial and my wedding day make-up for free, she just wanted me to buy a few products.  I love Mary Kay skin care, so this was easy for me.  She's super-nice, and did an even better job than I expected.  And my makeup didn't move all night, even with my super-oily skin.  She did my make-up on site, and when I got there and she saw how much I hated my hair, she re-did it for me!  Love, love, love her. 

Gown and  veil: The Bridesmaid's Store
Highly recommended.  I bought a sample gown, so I got an unbelieveable deal.  I got a veil there that another store carries in town - it was 1/3 the price at The Bridesmaid's Store.  The ladies there are super sweet and made it all very easy.

Bridesmaid's Dresses:  The Bridesmaid's Store
Again, it was great.  Best prices and largest selection in town by far.

Tuxes: The Bridesmaid's Store
Easy, easy, easy, and cheaper than other places.  They looked and fit great.

Cakes:  Gayle ?
Awesome.  She makes cakes as a side business, and I can't remember her last name, but I have her number if anyone wants it.  They were beautiful, tasted great, and were priced amazingly well.  She'll come to you for a tasting (no charge) and bring her portfolio.  Don't be put off by her kind of abrupt personality - she's great.

DJ: Sean w/ Greenbelt DJ
They did a great job.  I literally booked them 3 or 4 weeks before the wedding, and they made it so easy.  You can make your own playlist on-line, which was great for us.  And they were very affordable. 

Rings:  Shelby @ Calvin's
We got my e-ring in Manhattan, but we got both of our wedding rings from Calvins.  They're really nice, and easy to work with.  And they have a lot that's different that what you can find at chain stores.  The prices on what we picked out were very reasonable. 

Garters and Ring-bearer pillows: The Bridesmaid's Store
They custom-make whatever you want and prices were great.  Quality was excellent and it only took about 2 weeks.

Undergarments: Emily @ Petticoat Fair
Don't go anywhere else - they have everything.  You can (and should!) take your dress with you to make sure everything lays properly.  Highly recommended.

Limo: Austin Black Car Service
My husband took care of all of this, so I can't speak to price or ease, but I can say that it was great, and we loved our driver.  In fact, before the ceremony, I would up waiting in a hallway, just me and the driver (Larry).  Odd, I know, but the church had glass windows between the foyer and the sanctuary, so I couldn't wait out there with the rest of the wedding party.  He just kind of ended up hanging out there since there wasn't really a better spot.  Anyway, the music started and I suddenly felt nervous for the first time.  Larry totally talked me out of my nerves and kept me entertained for about 15 minutes - probably kept me from throwing up.  Loved him to pieces.
I think that's it.......everything else was either done by family and friends or are vendors who have since retired.  I'm not on here much anymore, but if you have any questions or want contact info for my vendors, you can email me at my screenname at yahoo.  Happy planning to all of you!
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Re: Vendor Reviews

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    Sounds good. I am happy you had a good experience with Austin Black Car Service, I booked my get-a-way car from there recently and then I saw some bad reviews on here.
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  • Do you have contact info for Derek Dilley? I can't find anything on him online.
  • Wow! Congratulations! I'm happy to hear your day went so great! 

    What kind of menu did you guys have at your wedding? I can't find anything online...
     That price per head is unheard of, but good for you for scoring such a great deal! I am jealous!

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