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She asked if I'm pregnant.... Ummm... No.

So, let me preface this by saying two things: 1) I'm not one to take offense to such things, 2) I know she was mortified after the fact. Anyway, my boss comes up to me the other day as I'm getting into work. "Can I help you carry something?" she asks. (I do carry a lot of stuff... Vera Bradley is my favorite addiction) and I was like "Oh! Thanks, but no, it's really not heavy, just bulky!" "Are you sure, because I heard you maybe shouldn't be carrying heavy things anymore...." she's smiling at me alll expectantly... and I'm standing there like 'whaaaa???' Finally it dawns on me, and before I can stop myself, I blurt "Holy GAWD, do you think I'm pregnant?!" And she goes "Um... It's just something I heard..." and she looked so embarrassed. So I'm sitting there like "why would she think I'm pregnant....?" and then I realized that it must have been a rumor that got started the previous week when I went in for an ultrasound. I mentioned to the substitute (I'm a teacher) that I was "getting an ultrasound for a check up" and normally, when a gal my age says that, it IS normally because you're expecting... But... I'm not. I'm recuperating from thyroid cancer. I'm totally fine now, but still have semi-annual check ups. Like Victoria's secret sales. But with slightly less sexy pictures ;)

Re: She asked if I'm pregnant.... Ummm... No.

  • My mom had thyroid cancer.. Go Lavender, and happy recovery!
  • Eeek I bet she was mortified! I could see how people would have overheard ultrasound and assumed pregnancy though. Glad you handled it well and didn't take offense.

    The weekend after we got engaged we went with a bunch of friends to Tahoe for FI's birthday. FI's best man asked me, "So tell me the truth, are you pregnant". I wanted to sock him in the face. Cause FI would only ask me to marry him if I was pregnant? I definitely took offense to that one!

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  • Man, MissKristen, I would too! Good gracious! I teach elementary school, and kids say weird, random things all the time. I get asked if I'm having a baby alllllll the time by children. I will admit, I was shocked an adult would ask. I mean, this is one of those things where, if nothing else, time would have told, and if I didn't want anyone at work to know, it's really none of their business. But, knowing my boss, and co workers, I know she was just asking because my school is one where they looooove to have showers - the one they just threw for the 5 of us getting married was AWESOME! But if FI's best man asked me, I would have been ticked!
  • Love that picture!lol
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  • hahah hilarious picture!
  • Oh goodness!! I bet she was MORTIFIED! I can understand the confusion though. So many people hear 'ultrasound' and think it can only mean one thing. haha! What an awkward situation!!

    My fiance and I got engaged in January, and planned our wedding for July of this year. We had a couple people raise their eyebrows in an expecting way... Like,  "Oooh. Short engagement? Any particular reason you two are running off to the alter so soon? Hmm??"

    I was like, "Because we love each other and don't see the point in waiting? I AM NOT PREGNANT!"

    Good grief!

  • One of my best friends from college got married in February and then got pregnant in March. The baby was born in December (and, like, LATE December. She went into labor at Christmas Dinner) Apparently the timing caused people to raise their eye brows.... Until they figured out how to count. She was so pissed!
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