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Prayer Request

My fiancé and I will be looking for a new-to-us car in the next few weeks, as I got word back from my mechanic that mine is on it's last legs :( So with the wedding coming up and trying to pay for that, adding a new-to-us car to the mix is adding some stress to our lives. I'm trying to pray and trust God that he will work it out, but it's hard to see what He's doing right now. I'm also a little disappointed as I was hoping to go to Disneyland for a honeymoon, but the money we had for that now needs to go to the car, and  we're going to need to scale back on a few other wedding related things, I'm trying to be a "big girl" about it, but if anyone wants to pray for me I would appreciate it. Especially for us to listen to God's lead and for me to work through my disappointments. Thanks ladies :)


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Re: Prayer Request

  • Praying for you, flutterfly. *hugs*
  • praying
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  • Thanks for all your prayers :D Just wanted to post a quick update. My car ended up getting stolen at the end of June, so the decision to fix it or not was made for us. With the money I got from the insurance I was able to pay off the loan I had taken out to buy that car.

    FI and I decided to buy a car together (before this he didn't own one), but I still get priority usage, as his work is within walking distance, and he still has his learners licence. We had to finance, but in the long term thought it was better to buy something only a few years old, and have it last then something that we will end up sinking a lot of money into. So things will be tight with more loan payments than I was making before (biweekly instead of monthly) and higher insurance costs, but this was the car we felt God lead us to, so we know He will provide for all our needs :D

    Oh and my dream honeymoon plan is back on the table, FI thinks that since we have a newer, reliable car, we can drive to Disneyland. :D


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