Separate favors for kids/teens?

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Just started looking at favors and bottle opener/wine bottle stopper favors seem to be standing out to us... and they are favors we think the majority of our guests would actually use! 

The only problem is that we are allowing kids/teens at the wedding and expect the under 21 crowd to make up like 20% or so of the guest list! Is anyone else doing separate favors and arranging them by seating chart?

If so, what do you suggest as a favor for kids or teens? I think most people won't want to bring their very small children, but the age range will still be at least 13-19 years old for the under-21s. 

Re: Separate favors for kids/teens?

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    Candy and baked goods make pretty good favors for kids and teens.

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    I made favors that I'm hanging from wishing trees (part of the centerpiece) at the adult's tables.  We're doing bag of candy for the kids at the wedding since I didn't think they'd be interested in the favors.  I'm not sure what's going in their bags yet but one of the things will be a rock-candy stick...

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  • I concur candy and baked goods.
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