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I'm looking for a transportation company that charges by the hour, rather than a flat 4 hours. Our venue and hotel are literally 2 blocks away from each other, however if we don't get 20 rooms booked (which it's not looking like we will) then we can't use their shuttle. I personally think that that's silly, especially if there's no other wedding party staying the same time we are. We'd only need the transportation to take the guys, then the girls to the venue, then cart us and the hotel guests back to the hotel (if that's possible). Any help would be much appreciated!

Re: Transportation for NW Burbs

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    There is an Illinois/Chicago board on which you may want to repost this question.  That board gets a lot more "traffic" than this generic Illinois board.

    What you are looking for is "point to point" service and it is very difficult to find.  I'm not sure what part of the NW suburbs you are in, but this is a relatively new service is the Lake Zurich area that might be able to help you....

    Would the hotel let you pay for their shuttle use?  There are some cab companies in the area that have taxi vans.  They may not be pretty, but for that short of a ride, I would prioritize purpose over "pretty".  
  • the hotel won't let you, or will there be a charge? You might check I know ours would still let us and they would charge 75.00 which would have still been cheaper for us (we ended up making numbers). You might want to doublecheck
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