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My FH amazes me EVERY single day...

So, we got some major checks done yesterday (I'll follow-up on that board after!!)....

When we are lunch with our coordinator, my fiance excused himself and came back with a gift bag. He told me to open it....which I was hesitant about, we were there with our coordinator, our moms, and my sister, so I was like...what's going on?!?!
In the bag he had things like water goggles, sponges, a stapler, NyQuil, a flashlight, sponges...etc....I was like WTH?!?!?!? There was a card at the bottom to tell me that our offer for our DREAM HOUSE has been accepted and that if all goes well, the closing date is July 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY CRUDDDDDDD - I cried....everyone cried....I was absolutely shocked. 

Inspection in Thursday.....of course things can happen in the meantime, but I couldn't be happier. This house was on the market for 2 days when we put an offer on it....they were supposed to have an open house this Sunday....I can't believe they signed last night!!!!

My fiance really is the best. He tries so hard to surprise me and keep me on my toes.....he spoils me...which is a little weird but I'm getting used to it. He truly is an amazing person and I'm so so so lucky!!

And bragging about my fiance ends...now... :):)

Happy Friday, ladies!

Re: My FH amazes me EVERY single day...

  • How sweet! Congrats on the offer being accepted. Fingers crossed for a good inspection! 
  • Aww! We just got our offer accepted on a house last week too so I know how excited you feel! Ours is a short sale though so we probably have a few more months until we can get the keys (assuming everything works out)

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  • Yayyyyyy for houses!!!!! That's super super exciting, I can't even imagine all the hard work that's gone into the process of buying a house. FI and I actually just had a conversation last night about not buying a house yet because maybe/possibly we might travel for a year or so! It's still in the idea stage, but I'm excited nonetheless.
  • Yay for the house!!! That is so exciting!  I hope everything goes well for your closing.  That is a cute way for him to tell you that :)
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