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Favorite Friday!

This board needs action!  The old marrieds can't keep it active alone, where are all the new brides?!

Here is our weekly post where we discuss our favorite things both WR and NWR from the past week...let hear it ladies!

Still looking for someone to take over this weekly post!
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Re: Favorite Friday!

  • NWR- Summer is here!!!  Until Tuesday when it goes back down to 75 degrees..booo!!! lol!
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  • I'm really surprised how quiet this board is! I used to have trouble keeping up :-p

    WR: looking at photos that everyone took! 

    NWR: Just happy it's Friday. This weekend we're going to exchange a few presents we received (duplicates) and enjoy the weather! It was snowing here when we got back from Hawaii - not okay haha.
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  • NWR: The hubby and I have started to not prevent a baby from coming :)

    WR: got all my thank yous sent out! Which means officially done with wedding crap!
  • New bride here! I'm going to try to keep up with all of you - just still behind on picking a venue, date, etc.

    NWR: Got further on my work project - feeling good about where it's going.

    WR: Two more venues got back to me with prices! And they are within budget!
  • Woohoo, Meg! :-) That's exciting!
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  • Baby talk is very exciting!!  We are trying too :-)
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