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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say hello. I am newly engaged and planning a very short engagement. We are deciding between October 5 and October 19 of this year which really doesn't leave a lot of time for planning but we are having a small wedding, so I am hoping that we can get everything that we want done by then. I am excited to join this board and hope that I can get some great ideas from you all!
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Re: Hello!

  • Welcome to the boards! You can put everything together in a short time period!  As soon as you are able, book your reception location, ceremony location and buy your dress. Those are the most time sensitive. Then, work on finding a dj, florist, photographer and videographer if you are interested in having one.

    Invites, decorations and other smaller details can be done at any time. Good luck! :)
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  • Welcome! 

    I think it is possible to get a nice and simple wedding done in your time frame!  :) 

    Once you get the ceremony and reception location and your dress, the rest is, mostly, optional.  :)  Heck, I guess even the dress is optional, isn't it?  :)

    Good luck! 
  • Thank for the welcome! I will fill out the survey so you can get to know me a little better. And thank for the encouragement. We are starting to find some vendors that are still available so it's easing my worries a bit :)
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  • Screen Name: Greystreet18
    Age: 34
    Significant Other's Age: 34
    What You Do: Attorney
    What SO Does: Attorney
    State of Relationship: Engaged
    How Long You've Been Together: A little over 3 years
    How You Met: We met several times at parties and in bars but finally hit it off after meeting a few times
    Wedding Date (if you're engaged/married): 10/5/13
    Real Babies: No
    Fur Babies: No
    Loves: Beaches, Days off from work, beer
    Hates: Unsolicited opinions being pushed upon me, garlic
    Pet Peeves: Whistling
    Hobbies/Activities: Working out, shopping
    Favorite Thing About Your SO: His ability to put me at ease and make me feel better no matter what is happening
    Least Favorite Thing About Your SO: He is so laid back sometimes to a fault. But it balances out my uptightedness (not a word, but you know what I mean)
    Describe Your Personality: Type A and sarcastic
    Snark Level (1 [low snark] - 10 [high snark]): 8
    I've Been On TK Since: I signed up a while ago but I just started posting
    How You Came to Be On TK: I need some planning help!
    How I like my potatoes: YES. Any way, doesn't matter. Just give them to me. But if I had to chose I would always pick tater tots.
    Favorite book/author: When I have time to read for fun it's crime/mystery books.
    Tell Us Something Interesting About Yourself: I am really hoping that my type A personality can pull off planning this wedding in 120ish days. Fingers crossed!

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  • Oooh good luck! My brother and his wife had a fairly short engagement as well, around the same number of months as yours will be, and they pulled together an awesome wedding, so I am sure you will be able to do the same! :) Especially if you want a smaller wedding.
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  • Welcome!  
    S'mores. Just S'mores please.
  • Thank you all for the welcome! @Snippet I like all types of beers but I really like IPAs. 
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