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Fox hollow brides- somerley room

A few months ago I took a risk and booked a wedding in a room that wasn't even built yet. I was given a computer print out of what they planned the room to look like. The images we were shown were so beautiful and we were so excited. When I attended the bridal expo a few weeks ago to see the finished room, I noticed that things were not completed as planned. Does anyone know if they plan on completeing it as promised or is this the way it is staying? I just wanted to reach out and see if any other brides noticed this and had similar concerns.

Re: Fox hollow brides- somerley room

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    I booked my wedding at the Fox Hollow for this August.. The room you are talking about is beautiful and finished..  I was there yesterday to make a payment. No need to worry its going to perfect.. If you go during the week have them show you..  Smile
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    Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease! I will make an appointment to have someone show me around! Your wedding is just around the corner! I would love to hear how it all went! Congratulations and enjoy!
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    We recently booked our wedding at Fox Hollow in The NEW Somerley Room for 4/7/2012.  I was such a nervous wreck about deciding on a venue...and so quickly! I must say that I went there 3 times before signing (not having seen many other venues) but, I was sooo impressed with the uniqueness/newness/individuality that The Somerley offered-that I refused to look elsewhere! It is amazing.  In addition, I was told (3weeks ago) that they were adding new things everyday.  Mirror over fireplace, lighting being done while as I THERE!  Don't worry!!! I think it will be amazing.

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    Would you guts be able to give me an approximate privce per person on a sunday? I love the room but I dont want to make an appointment if its completely out of my price range. thanks. 
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    guys* sorry lol
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    I visited the fox hollow recently, they told me the somerley room was 85pp...I think that was for a sunday night , plus you get a free suite in the hotel next door and they offer a large variety on the menu
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    HI Love that room but do they have an outdoor cocktail hour area or is the indoor one that goes with that room?
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    Hey,  i was just there last night for an expo and saw the somerly room, the room is gerorous, me and my fiance fell in love with it and booked it on the spot. We also attended a wedding there last year in one of the other rooms and service was amazing. I didnt even venue shop lol.  They do have the cocktail hour space that is right off to the left of the room. there is also a private enterance so you dont have to worry about being around another party, they can also accomidate an indoor ceremoney. The bridal suite is huge and georgous as well.  They have intelegent lighting in the room that can be change to the color of your choice.  There is a tall fire place as well as plasmas around the room. Again the finished prouct is amazing. 

    Hope this helps.
  • Nursey983Nursey983 member
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    The FH was the first venue my FI and I checked out in our search.  After we looked at our last of fives venues, we immediately called FH and booked that day! We booked the Somerley room for 11-10-12..It is absolutely beautiful, everything has been completed construction wise, but they will be doing some improvements over the next yeah to make it even larger and more grand.  I cannot wait to get married there!  Pricing depends on what time of year and day of the week.  Average prices for fall time are between 85-125 on a fri-sun. 

  • Hey Nursey983 or anyone else,

    I'm getting married there on 11/11/12; so keep the room in good shape for me! ;) I was thinking about that private entrance. Would you know if the guests use that to enter the venue to get to the cocktail hour? I'm just worried that the guests will see the seating area before the actual seating does occur. I kind of want it to be a surprise. Or do they enter at the actual entrance and then use that private entrance after the cocktail hour. They also said that there is a wall partition. What do you think? Let me know. Would love to chat!
  • Hi ARose9885,

    We just booked the Somerley this Sunday for 2-23-2013! They told us that the new cocktail room will be built by October 2012 downstairs and they won't use the side room as cocktail hour space, but instead it will be used as extra lounge space during our reception. It states it in our contract so check yours and see if it states you will use the *soon to be* cocktail room downstairs from the Somerly. I'm nervous because we haven't even seen their ideas for the room-but I hope it's just as beautiful as the Somerley!
  • Hey all.. I've been to about 15 venues, and for some reason the somerly room has stood out to my fiance and I. We made an appointment to meet with the banquet manager next week, hopefully a different one than last, and possibly ready to sign papers! I'm just discouraged by the price we were originally quoted which is more than I've been reading from other message boards. I'm looking for a Saturday in October 2013. Anyone have any advice or info regarding prices that I should keep in the back of my mind for my upcoming appointment? Thanks in advanced! 
  • Hi DC007,
    I have a Nov 2012 in the same room and I was quoted prices higher than what I'm seeing here, too.  Ours will be on a Saturday and it was about $114pp w/o tax, gratuity, admin fee, etc.  In total, we're looking at $150ish pp.

    I am a little worried since they told us that we would use the lantern room for our cocktail hour - which is on our contract - but did say something about doing construction.  Only, they told me that everything would be done Spring 2012 -- not October 2012 as another bride posted!!  I am so worried.

    The room is beautiful.  BTW, for all of the plasma screens and built-in lighting.. they can only be used if you book with Body Rock.  So, when looking for DJs that are not Body Rock, pay attention to lighting.
  • Hi ladies! I am a new Somerley bride as we just booked the Fox Hollow recently. The room is gorgeous and certainly different than most typical halls. We have been to. Lot of weddings and both agreed we wouldnt find anything similar. Our date is September 27th 2013 (I may not have changed my estimated knot date yet). We literally went this week and thought we were ahead of the game in searching for a venue for 2013. We originally wanted October but unfortunately to our surprise there are NO dates left for October 2013..at least that was what we were told. The only dates left in September were the 27th, 28th and 29th. There may have been a few Sundays left but a Sunday wedding wasnt for us. We were told about the phase 2 of construction which includes a brand new cocktail hour room (below the Somerley) and the current cocktail room would become a lounge. The private entrance will be moved and I believe the current entrance will be a garden area (I think). We were told it would be finished by the end of the year The menu is generous and there were a few add ons to make it even better. I am almost positive the intelligent lightning is included but if you want additional lighting and the tvs you have to use body rock. I hope this helps and if anyone has anyone questions feel free to ask! Happy planning :) (Even though it all is so overwhelming!!!!)
  • Just booked for 12/29/13. Was quoted a fantastic January price of $69.99pp. We wanted fox hollow because it is decorated so beautifully for the holidays. We added the 30min Viennese for 79.99pp. The great thing about the Viennese is that they set it up in the lounge area so it doesn't take up the dance floor and your guests don't leave the room. The new cocktail room is ready to go. It is set up like a lounge with couches, high top tables, and sit down tables. The couches are gorgeous. There is a "fire place" of candles at the far end. They just started installing the elevator. There is a temporary separate entrance right niw while they work on the permanent one. Getting dates are difficult. My original date was dec 27 (Friday) which was available when I started looking in the middle of dec 2012. By the beginning of January all Fridays and Saturdays in December were gone. Had to book the Sunday bc I wanted it so bad. One led color is included in your package but if you go with body rock you can add a lighting package. Didn't hear anything about the plasmas, but we will not be going with body rock bc my moh's husband works with a dj company.
  • Hi! This Somerly room sounds fantastic! I have not visited yet, but have a reservation this week to check it out. My fiance and I really want a rustic type of vibe- with minimal chandeliers and that type of decor. From the pictures, it seems like the room looks like it is just what we want. Can someone tell me if there is an outside ceremony site. On the website it says there is one, but Im just curious if anyone has seen it recently? We are planning for a wedding in April 2014. Thanks in advance for any of your advice!
  • What is the minimum # of guests to book the somerly?

    When I went they were pushing the winter garden room which is lovely- but I can't get the somerly out of my mind!!!
  • I am getting married n the Somerly room in August 2013, I was told a minimum of 140
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