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Back from Vegas and MARRIED :) Reviews

Been back for a week and finally getting to write some reviews! Unfortunately taking a week of vacation means double the work when I come home and get back to work! Here are my thoughts for the things that we did...

Flamingo Hotel--A
  We were able to check in quickly and early. We arrived at the Flamingo around 8am and check in isn't until 3 but they let us leave our bags with valet and we were able to check in by noon. One tip:  join the Total Rewards (its free) and you get "express" check in and out. We had a regular Fab Deluxe room. It was nice, no refrigerator, which was a bit disappointing. We had a strip view and were directly in front of Caesar's Palace--GREAT view!! When we were able to check in, the bell desk brought up our bags. They arrived quickly and the man who brought them was very friendly. He gave me a list of the numbers for the hotel if we needed anything. The breakfast buffet is awesome and worth the 17 bucks! We ate there twice I think :)

Silver Sky Chapel at The Quad--B
I struggled with deciding on a rating for the chapel. For the most part, everything was good but there were a couple things that really bothered me.

 On Wednesday, we went in to the chapel office to drop off our marriage license and verify our information. Samantha ( I believe that was her name), was super helpful. I asked her if there was any way that I could rent a flower bouquet for our pictures that night. She looked all around the office and they didn't have anything, but offered to go over to the Quad and let me get one of their rentals out of the case. I didn't really like any of them, so I asked about getting fresh flowers. She was able to get me a 3 rose bouquet and a boutonniere in about 2 hours. She was excellent and I would give her an A+ (and she wasn't even my coordinator!) . Iliana was my coordinator, I NEVER spoke with her--not even the day of the ceremony. We only spoke thru emails.
  On Friday (day of the ceremony), I was told to be there at 6:30. When I showed up, the only person that was there was Reverend Leslie. He asked me if I had the marriage documents and since there was no wedding coordinator there, I did not.  I was a little frustrated that no one from the chapel was there--we had no direction as to where to be or what to do. Our guests started arriving and still no coordinator. Thankfully Reverend Leslie was able to direct people a little. About 5 minutes to when the ceremony was suppose to start, a coordinator showed up. At that point I was so pissed off, that I don't even remember her name. I was never walked thru what was suppose to happen and I had to ask her if my dad's could walk me down the aisle.  
  Once the ceremony got started, everything went smoothly. I had asked Reverend Leslie for a civil ceremony, he did a nice job and was quick and to the point. The chapel looked beautiful, even with the Vegas skyline window in the background.

Imagine Studios--Ceremony Photography/Videography--B/B-
After the ceremony, the photographer pulled us back up to the front and had us pose for pictures. He posed us with all the parents and our maid of honor and best man. The pictures turned out pretty good. The DVD was a little disappointing. It is too close up but yet you cannot hear it very well.
Here is the link for our ceremony shots--NOT Bentley and Wilson! Password is scheibn. T

Double Decker Bus Company--A++++
  This was the BEST decision we could have made! Our group (of 35) had sooooo much fund with this! Mike was our driver and Doug was our tour guide. We started by heading out to the Vegas sign--where of course we found Elvis and he re-married us! We hung out long enough for everyone to get a couple of good shots. We then headed down to Fremont street and spent an hour walking around downtown. Throughout the trip, Doug would give us some history of Vegas or what was being planned for certain areas. He was awesome and kept us all entertained.
Our whole group--ranging from parents to drunks love, love, loved the Double Decker Bus! There is no better way to enjoy the strip!

Harmony Artistry--A
  Harmony came to my room to do the trial for my hair and makeup on Wednesday evening--we did our strip pics this night. She asked me what I was looking for and how comfortable I was with makeup and jumped right in. She made me feel very comfortable--it was almost like a friend was doing my hair. She did a great job with my hair--it was one of the windiest nights in Vegas and my curls held up for pictures!
  On Friday(the wedding day) she came to the room and did my mom, mother-in-law and maid of honor. Everyone was very happy. She was able to do what each person wanted and keep us all entertained :)

Todd from Bentley and Wilson Photography--A+
  Haven't received the pics yet--as soon as I do I will get up a link to share! Todd was very friendly and informative. He told us the rundown of where he thought we could get to in our 2 hour timespan. We were able to get shots at 6-7 hotels/casinos (probably could have done more but my feet were KILLING me--take comfy shoes to walk in!!). He was very knowledgeable about the Vegas area and entertained the Hubs with Vegas conversation :) He was a lot of fun and I can't wait to see the shots.

Gilley's at Treasure Island--C
  We went here twice--one time was way better than they other. We went for our girls night/bachelorette party and had a pretty good experience. The specialty drinks were awesome and the even gave them to us to go. The food was good and the portions were huge! It took us a while to get our bill and then when we did get it, they didn't divide it up between the 11 people we had. The checkout process took too long, we couldn't find the waitress when we finally got it divided up.
  We came here the night before we left Vegas with my parents--there were just 4 of us, and it was an awful experience. We had to wait to be seated, which we expected--20-30 minutes--no biggie. We got seated outside on the patio which was awesome because the Sirens of TI was going to start while we were there. We waited about 30 minutes before we even got a drink and placed our order. It took and hour and a half (if not more) to actually get our food. Our server didn't do much--there was a runner who was actually refilling our drinks and brought out our food. Once again, it took forever to get our bill and actually cash out. The Hubs was so over it, he didn't even want to go gamble afterward (it was around 11:30pm by that time). He was very disappointed and wanted to walk out.

Hash House A GOGO--A++++++
Holy cow!!! AMAZING food! We went for breakfast and it was delicious!  The staff was very friendly. Our waiter was awesome! We never had empty glasses or dirty plates on our table. The portions were huge and there was no way to eat it all :) We went with my parents and brothers(2) and sisters(2) and between 8 of us we could not even come close to eating all of the food on our table. My mom had a pancake that was the size of a pizza baking sheet! We had multiple folks from our group eat here for breakfast or lunch and they all raved about it!


I think that is about it. We went and did more things, but I'm still trying to type with my wedding nails on--and it's quite a pain (if there are typos that's the reason!)  :) If anyone has any questions, please ask! We had an amazing time and would love to share our pros and cons!

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Re: Back from Vegas and MARRIED :) Reviews

  • Forgot to add--with the DD Bus...the Hubs and best man took beer and liquor down to the company earlier in the day and left some money for ice. When they picked us up, they had the beer in ice and everything ready for us!
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  • Thanks for the reviews! And congrats!! Looking forward to the DDB. So glad that I decided to add it!
  • Congrats!! thanks for the reviews, im a silver sky bride next week!
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  • Congratulations! Glad everything went well once the ceremony started and the stress leading up to it didn't get in our way. The ddb sounds like it was great fun. Did you mean to find Elvis or was it just luck?!
  • Congratulations!!! Thanks for sharing!

    I keep debating whether or not I want to get a DDB! but it sounds like you had an amazing time!!

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  • I'm in the same boat maibel. Not sure if I should book or not.
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  • Wow! Great review! :) Congrats!!
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  • DDB is $350 for two hours
  • Thanks for the great reviews! I am also doing DDB tour for two hours. We are torn with what stops we want to take though to maximize our pics. We are definitely going to the LV sign (we are leaving from Mandalay Bay), but I can't decide if I want to go all of the way to Fremont Street. I don' think we will have time for anything else after that. Any suggestions?? I like some of the pics I have seen at Paris, Bellagio, Venetion to name a few.
    Canadian Bride getting married at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas on October 19th, 2013
  • Ok awesome
  • Congrats! Great Reviews-We are big fans of Hash House a Go Go!

  • soooo happy for you I know that you were a beautiful bride and that you had an awesome in an amazing time
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  • Hi there, with the Double Decker Bus, how long was your tour?  2 hours or 3?  Trying to figure out how we can get to include the strip and Freemont in a 2 hour tour because my fiance thinks 3 hours would be too long for our guests?


  • This is a really old review I would NOT recommend the double decker bus anymore they are run down dirty and falling apart and the owner is soooo rude! Also we had it for 3 hrs and at our first stop after taking all back roads he told us there was no time for Fremont 30mins into the trip.
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  • Congratulations!!!
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