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Planning a Wedding in 5 Days!

Well, fiance is finally divorced and so we're getting married in 5 days!  We're mostly spending our miles to do it so we've gotten a corner suite at the Aria and plan to have the ceremony there.  

This all hinged on my hair stylist being available to color my hair before going, just so you know.  I knew it would be soon, so I was delaying and suffering with the gray roots for weeks, so I could get it done just ahead of the wedding, lol.

Now to call an officiant, hair and makeup, cake (freeds?  I must have cake even if it's just the 2 of us).  Yikes!

Who is the guy, I think Kevin is his name who does the photo strip tour?  Can't find the link to his website.

Re: Planning a Wedding in 5 Days!

  • Hey Congrats! I think who you are looking for is Todd and he does the strip tours. His site is Bently and Wilson photography here is the website. 
  • Aww congrats! For photography, are you talking about Keith Kaplan? His website is Good luck!
  • I thinking of Keith Kaplan, thanks!  But, at this point, it's gonna be whoever's available.

    Does anyone have a good a la carte florist?  I haven't seen any florists on yelp who do the bouquets I like, which are the loose, garden style mixed bouquets.  But again, I may have to take what I can at this point.
  • Hair and Makeup check out Whitney with Desert Glamour, she is awesome and reasonably priced. I used her for our wedding day and I just booked her for when We go back or our anniversary. I am so excited to be able to use her again 
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    Call Pam from the The Pallette for floral.  She was very helpful and was quick to respond via email. Also, her prices were really competitive.  Here is her website: 


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  • Totally do-able!

    You can order a cake directly through the hotel. Try contacting the sales dept. The cake from our wedding reception at Wicked Spoon was beautiful and delicious. I'm sure they will bring it up to your room for no or little charge.

    VG has a lot of officiants listed on his website. can be booked online (I have no experience with them though).

    If Todd or Keith are not available, try Mike Perez Photography. He frequently can accommodate you on short notice.
  • Wow, congratulations and good luck with the planning!  How exciting, I wish I was getting married in five days.  Let us know how it goes! :)
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    It's coming together! I can't believe it. We've got: Angie Kelly as officiant. Keith Kaplan for photos. Harmony Medina for hair and makeup. Jean Phillipe for cake (they're in the hotel, and the cakes are beautiful and the same price as a "budget" cake at Freeed's). We're having a mead toast instead of champagne, and were at Todd English's pub downstairs, and they have mead on tap! Since we can get liquor to go in Vegas, we're just going to go down and get a cup. Gotta love Vegas. Waiting for a quote from Enchanted Florist, but was able to send her a pic of want I wanted. Thanks so much gals and guy(s). Oh, the Aria hotel has been nothing but amazing, love,love, LOVE!
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  • Fantastic! Great to see it all can come together on such short notice, have a wonderful day!

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       UK based bride, getting married in Vegas on 14th April 2014!
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