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I am really interested to hear where everyone picked out there girls were you treated, how were prices and were you pleased with the turn out of the dresses. I am trying to decide where to go and I would love the feed back!

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    I really disliked any chain I went to (David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo).  They were very pushy and seemed to be only selling for commission.  I wound up having my girls try on dresses at Alfred Angelo, got them all measure, then ordered them from Bonjulies in Horseheads and couldn't be happier!
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    I got Jim Hejlm dresses at NY Bride. They had a ton of selection- ok prices. BM dresses are so expensive! I've been in a few weddings myself and they just keep getting pricier. Mine were $205, plus a little more for extra length for taller girls. Which i thought was dumb, but whatever.The service was great though!They said it will take about 3 months for them to come in, too. Hope that helps :)
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    I'll probably go to Davids. I wanted them to wear a dress by Mori Lee and was going to have them measured at a store and then order the dress off of but I'm afraid if I do that, something will be wrong with a dress and it will be a pain to return it.

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    i'm having my bridesmaids get their dresses at NY Bride, where I got my dress.  I compared prices and their BM dresses were about $10 cheaper than they were at spybaby...I didn't find my color at David's or else I would have considered them also. NY Bride was great for me-I tried dresses on there like 4 times and they were amazing every time.  Kim was my consultant and she was amazing.  good luck!
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    See I completly agree about davids Bridal....for BM dresses they did not have the color I was looking for AND I and a very poor experience getting a dress altered there for my Sister in laws wedding- Not something I want to experience for my own wedding- So for BM dresses I am sold on Alfred Angelo.

    But for my gown I have to say the only place I have found a dress that catches my eye is Davids.....although- I suppose I can purchase the dress there and alter is elsewhere.....

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    I'm not sure where you are located, but Bridal Belle is in Rochester. They have a lot of dresses (including stock from Alfred Angelo) great staff and prices. My BM dresses we $150 with a little extra to add length for my tall girls. I went to David's but didn't like their selection or color choices. The only think with Bridal Belle is they only have 1 dress of each style, so you have to pin it in the back to see what it would look like in your size, and bigger girls have trouble if the one size is really small. Most seemed to be betwee 8 and 12 though. good luck! That was the hardest part for me!
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    I got my gown at NYBride but didnt see any BM dresses I liked. I went to Davids Bridal the 1st time to look at wedding dresses and they had a 4 hour wait, so I said I will just look at BMs and I was told I could not take them off the rack in a snotty tone. I went back again, idk why, and had to wait 20min for a salesgirl, even though I made an appt for BMs. She was totally unhelpful and told me to look around and grab the ones I wanted. I found the perfect dress for all my girls, which the salesgirl commented on like 3x. She made them guess their sizes and went to put it in the computer. She came back and said the dress was discontinued and nobody marked it or took it off the rack. We wasted a whole hour there. I was so pissed. I ended up back at NYBride and found BM dresses and their service was awesome.
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