Looking for Unique Bridesmaid gifts

Any ideas?  I don't want to do jewelry because my girls are all so different and I don't need everything to be matchie matchie.

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Re: Looking for Unique Bridesmaid gifts

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    I'm between a cooler tote for taking to the shore ( and a card holder for their purses (  I plan to get them in various colors or prints depending on the BM's tastes.
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    You don't have to get them all the same thing.  Pick a price point and shop for each girl individually. 

  • so far i've gotten jewelry but i bought it from ny&co on clearance and i ordered the same color scheme but different pieces, it probably cost be around $50 for earrings and a bracelet for 5 girls. and i also bought them all clutches from a designer on etsy. i ordered 5 different prints and i even saved more money by ordering ones that were samples but they look amazing and i saved about $10 on each one that way. but i agree you could set a price point and get them all something different that you know they would each like. last year as a bridesmaids gift i was given a black silk robe and i love it, i wear it all the time while i'm getting ready for a night out!

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