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April 2013 Weddings

Miss you all!

I have to say I hate the new format, so I rarely even check in here anymore.  I spend my time of the bump now.  I hope everyone is doing well and happy!  H and I are good!  I am 13 weeks pregnant, so 7 more weeks until we find out if we are having a girl or a boy.  I changed my name (finally) last week at social security and today at the DMV, but I still have to do the bank, credit cards and all of that fun stuff.  How are you all doing?
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Re: Miss you all!

  • vk2204vk2204 member
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    13 weeks!! That is so exciting!

    I agree with you on the new format, but I can't quit this place just yet. I changed my name back in April at the SoS, but I have yet to do so at the Social Security office. I also only changed one bank account so far. I am just being lazy.

    Do you guys have names picked out?

  • Yea, I think I just have to change my name on base for health insurance (which was supposed to update automatically, by the way) and we still need to merge bank accounts.  I changed my name for all credit/debit cards but I've only gotten one back that reflects my new name, so that's frustrating.  I wish The Nest would get the 2013 anniversary boards up so those of us that are interested could move over there.  Reading articles about house hunting, what to cook for dinner, and fun date night ideas are definitely more "up my alley" than the bouquets, bridesmaid dresses and invitations are nowadays. Not going to lie, I'm totally applying to work at bridal shops, though.

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  • I changed my name with Social Security and got my new card, but haven't made it to the DMV yet.  I also changed my health insurance, but that's as far as I made it.  Right after I got my new SS card, I got T-boned with our 5 year old in the car and all the accident reports and such have my maiden name on them.  I just have this feeling that if I change my license now, it's going to cause problems.  I have a call in to both insurance companies to see how that would work before I do anything else.  (We're both fine, but the car is a hot mess and the guy has a shady insurance company who is fighting us over EVERYTHING, even though the police report says the accident was his fault.)  So now we wait, me with no car, and I get to entertain a 5 year old who is out of school and we can't even go anywhere.  Joy.

    Married life is great.  We're looking for a bigger place, getting ready for the little one's 6th birthday, and making some fun summer plans..... if it ever warms up and stops raining.  H and I have seriously been considering adopting.  At 37 and 43, we don't want to go through the whole pregnancy/newborn thing again and are looking into a child a little closer to our daughter's age.  We're in the very beginning stages of research but are super excited!  :-)

    @KnotPorscha, when can we expect the April 2013 board to be ready on The Nest? 
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  • I've been locked out of posting/commenting or whatever for over a month now. I miss you guys! I hope everyone is doing fantastically.
    Married life is not a whole lot different than pre-married life, except for there's a whole lot less wedding planning.

    @ChiGirl2013 - I'm so sorry to hear about your car accident, I'm glad you and your little one are ok! Good luck on the adoption if you decide to go that route! 

  • KnotPorschaKnotPorscha admin
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    Hi Ladies! First off, congrats on your marriages!!! I am personally envious of all of your planning being done (I still have 3 months!) The Nest is undergoing a format change like TK very soon. After that, they will be able to start putting up the new boards, including yours!

    ETA: You can access your board directly here: http://community.thenest.com/cs/ks/forums/18015777/ShowForum.aspx

    The 2013 board will be listed after the change, but feel free to start new threads :)

  • phoenix870509phoenix870509 member
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    I have changed my name at SS, DMV and on the bank accounts (H and I have a joint account and our seperate accounts from before we were married). My boss still refuses to use my married name, citing it is just too hard (she's doing it just to be silly though). H and I are talking about starting a family. I just went to the doc last month and she said we can start trying in August so I'm super excited about that! Already all my coworkers are asking when we're going to have kids! We're all really close here at work so I really don't mind it. I've missed you ladies too!

  • feezytfeezyt member
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    I've missed you guys too! I haven't been able to post in forever because I was having a ton of problems signing on. Finally figured it out today. Congrats on being 13 weeks ADawn, can't wait to see what you are having!

    I've done everything with the name switching. It was exhausting getting it done the first month, I wouldn't do that again haha
  • feezytfeezyt member
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    BTW- this is orangehills- when they redid this all, they wouldn't acknowledge my password and there was no way to change it. They have some bugs with this layout, so I just had to redo a new name, but they still didn't make me do a password! so weird! anyway.. yah. hi :)
  • My name change is complete. I did that once I got the signed marriage certificate in the mail. Only thing I haven't done is updated my passport. Hope married life is treating everyone well! Things certainly don't seem any different, but I guess in a way that's a good thing. I'm still on the boards here but mostly in chitchat or snarky brides.
  • @feezyt, I had the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. Sucks!
  • Hi all! I'm late to the party. I've been hanging out on TB. No, we're not expecting yet, but we're certainly trying!

    I changed my name everywhere except for one bank account and my retirement accounts (though I did update the beneficiary). I'm also not sure how to update my name on my car registration, or if that's done automatically--and I have no flipping idea where my car title is, so I can't change that. There's still the issue of the deed to the house being under my maiden name, and we need to file paperwork with an attorney to do that. Oh, what a nightmare.

    Still so much more to do!
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  • @von1976 the car registration gets changed through your registry. My registry gave me both the license and registration form at the same time, but I think I asked for it.
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