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Candy Buffet

Hey girls, I'm getting married on August 3, 39 days away!!! :) We are doing a candy buffet and have about 275 guests attending. I am wondering how much candy of each kind should we buy? I am thinking only about 4-5 different kinds of candies. They will be in apothecary jars. I just don't want to spend a fortune on candy, any good websites or stores to buy candy? Thanks!

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  • Are you planning on just regular candy, or candy to fit a color scheme/theme?

    For regular candy, my dad (who runs his job's coffee shop) goes to BJ's or Sam's Club and is happy with the prices. I would get nervous about ordering online, especially for chocolate, in the summer heat!
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    We're doing a candy buffet too!  We did a lot of research and there are buying guides on that tell you how much you will probably need.  If you are using regular candy I also recommend Costco/BJ's/Sams.  If you are going with a color scheme, we found that is usually cheaper for chocolate type candy and jordan almonds, and is good for other candy  (gummies, taffy, etc).
  • I think we are doing just one color of chocolate candies, my theme is orange and fuschia, so maybe just an orange color candy and the rest will be random normal candies. We thought about a Costco or Sam's Club, but don't have a membership. We thought maybe Goldfish for the kids or something too. 
  • I know you can get guest passes occasionally to shop at the big-box stores - I just found one online for Sam's (

    I love the idea of little mini-boxes of goldfish crackers!
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