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Durham Catering Company review

The food was absolutely amazing. We're still hearing about it from our friends and family. Their servers however were a problem. We had about 20 guests from the final head count not show at the reception and at the end of the night we only had enough leftovers for barely two people. We had guests tell us how much food there was after everyone had gotten a plate but no one got seconds because the servers tore down the buffet so quickly. Guests even heard the servers talking about how much food there was in the kitchen after it was torn down. One server even admitted to a guest that they took the food home with them but when we informed Jenn she denied it and accused us of complaining. The servers only cut one layer of our four layer cake and most guests did not get a slice. The staff just disappeared, probably to go divide the food up for themselves. For the amount of money we spent I'm definitely upset that so much of the food went missing but what upsets me more is that the company does not care about the concerns of their clients after they've been paid. Like I said, the food was truly spectacular but you'll need someone designated to keep their eye on the kitchen after the food is served.

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