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Bachelorette Party - HELP!!!

My Bachelorette party is this Saturday in St. Louis, but I'm having such a hard time finding something fun to please everyone.  My matron of honor is pregnant and another bridesmaid is 18, so that limits us a bit.  We're doing a wine and canvas thing from 7-9, but I have no other ideas for the rest of the day and night.  Any suggestions?

Re: Bachelorette Party - HELP!!!

  • Do you have a later dinner reservation?  My only suggestion would be to do dinner at somewhere that turns into a nightlife spot afterward so the 18 yr old could get in.  Maybe Bar Louie in the CWE or Copia on Wash Ave could accommodate you.  That way you'd be able to have a nice meal and cocktails and a bit of celebration.
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  • I think Roxane in Clayton also turns into a dance place after dinner (though I've never eaten there so I can't speak for it).

    If you have an 18 year old what about something like a spa day. Facials or maybe mani/pedis.
    You all could go cosmic bowling if that's your thing, though. Flamingo and probably Pinup are out, but I'm sure mainstream alleys have it (though I don't know which allow smoking which might be problematic for your matron of honor).
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