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October 2012 Weddings



Re: Welcome!

  • What is your/FI name?

    How old are you/FI?

    How did you meet?
    At a bar ;)
    He thought I was cute and his buddy, our best man, decided to come tell me about my now fiance. I told the buddy that his friends should "grow some stones and come talk to me then.' I wasn't interested in dating at the time and didn't want to deal with some loser talking to me in a bar. He came over and was a smarty pants with me, made me laugh and ended up texting me after he left around 1 am. I still have it saved in my iphone. "It was a pleasure to meet you tonight, Jessica. Get home safely and I hope to talk to you soon." I was blown away! I actually met a gentleman and my future husband at the bar! I love our story! <3

    What do you/ FI do for a living?
    I'm a Marketing Coordinator for a
    law firm and he is a university baseball coach.

    When is your wedding date?
    October 27/2012

    What is your theme?
    Loosely 'Rat Pack' themed...think swanky suits, long dark dresses, fabulous food, good music and lots of cocktails!

    What are your colors?

    black and blush pink with accents of gold and burgundy/wine
  • I have been on this board for over a year and never posted here:

    What is your/FI name? Rachel/Scott

    How old are you/FI? 29/34

    How did you meet?  A mutual friend invited us both to play paintball.  I thought he was cute, he shot me in the ear to win the match.  :-)

    What do you/ FI do for a living? IACUC Administrator/Lead QC Inspector

    When is your wedding date? 10/20/12

    What is your theme?  No real theme.  We have a touch of North Carolina throughout.

    What are your colors?  Green, Chocolate Brown, Ivory
    Rachel Wedding Countdown Ticker

  • What is your/FI name?
    Becky and Mark

    How old are you/FI?
    27 and 30

    How did you meet?
    The interwebs!

    What do you/ FI do for a living?
    I'm a librarian and he's a phycisist

    When is your wedding date?

    What is your theme?
    Peacock feathers and sort of a steampunk/victorian-ness

    What are your colors?
    Navy and Dove gray

  • What is your/FI name? Penny & Ed

    How old are you/FI? 44 & 34 (we're getting married the day before my 45th birthday)

    How did you meet? kind of through match.com but not really their match

    What do you/ FI do for a living? I'm in insurance and he's in the shipping business

    When is your wedding date? 10/6/12

    What is your theme? A mix of our styles with a few gnomes thrown in for fun

    What are your colors? pink & orange flowers, ivory and black clothing with a little gold thrown in to make things pretty
    Just my two cents! Penny L G M
  • I'm a little late doing this but....

    What is your/FI name?

    How old are you/FI?

    How did you meet?
    Long story.....short story my sister

    What do you/ FI do for a living?
    Customer Service/Shipping and Receiving

    When is your wedding date?

    What is your theme?

    What are your colors?

    Lapis, Black, and Silver

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    Oops, nevermind.
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