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Meet & Greet Location

Hi, I am looking for a place to have a meet & greet for approx. 25 people. The DDB is booked, so we are thinking we'll probably just do a dinner where everyone just pays for themselves. We are staying at the Flamingo, so we looked into doing Margaritaville, but we don't really want to have to $1000 minumum, which they require. I was wondering why we couldn't just have everyone just show up, without planning and reserving a room. Would they be able to accomodate 25 people on a Wednesday night? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?? Thanks!!

Re: Meet & Greet Location

  • I think you'd probably not have too many problems getting seating for 25 on a Wednesday.  Later in the evening you would as it turns into more of a clubby type place with live music but during afternoon/dinner hours while typically busy it's not that busy.  Where you will have a problem will probably be the bill; no server is going to want to deal with that many separate tabs and most restaurants have a policy on parties of 8+ go on one check.

    Maybe look into one of the many close by buffet options instead?  Those you typically pay on your way in so that makes it easy. 

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    I think that Margaritaville only has a minimum if you want to reserve a bar area or room. They can't prevent you from getting 3 tables of 8 or 4 tables of 6, especially if you call ahead for reservations. Or maybe just say to your guests, "Hey, we'll be at the roof bar at Margaritaville, come by and grab a bite with us!" and then you can all collect without needing to hit any F&B minimum.
  • Out of curiosity how are you phrasing the no host meet and greet? I would like to do the same, also at the flamingo but not sure how to state it
  • Okay thanks! I will look into the buffets. Do you recommend any in that area of the strip? Also, do they do drinks the way other restaurants do?
  • Usually buffets will have a price for unlimited beer, wine and champagne, it's an extra add on to the price of the buffet.  

    I've always really liked the Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood, they have different types of food, Italian, Mexican, Middle Eastern and they have cotton candy in the dessert section.  The Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace is also really nice and right across the street from the Flamingo.  The Flamingo one is just so, so in my opinion - nothing very special about it.  Although, some of the tables you can overlook the outside garden area.

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  • Thanks ktbabe! Good to know!
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