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Question about getting marriage liscence?

Did both the bride and groom have to go together to get your marriage license?
Or could I just go myself? My FI has weird hours and it will make it tough for both of us to go together.
As well did you have to bring your birth certificates?
Any help would be amazing :) Thanks!
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Re: Question about getting marriage liscence?

  • Sounds like you both have to be there: 

    To get a marriage licence, you will need to:
    • fill out a marriage licence application
    • bring the completed application to your local city hall, town hall or municipal office
    • show original identification with your current legal name, date of birth and signature – both people getting married will need to provide valid identification
    • pay a fee (fees vary and depend on the municipality).
    • A marriage licence is valid for 3 months from the date it was issued.
  • Amazing thanks so much! :)
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  • Actually - only one of you has to be there.  But you will need identification for both of you to fill it out.
  • Jewel224     
    Oh ok cool even better! So I just have to bring each of our birth certificates and just have him pre-sign the sheet I printed off the web with all of the info and I am all set?
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  • I'm pretty sure only one of you needs to be there - I think you can bring his ID to show b/c they do check those (or at least they did when I was there). If you arent sure, just give them a call and they can let you know. We werent sure about which pieces of ID were valid (I didnt have my birth cert with me) so we called ahead.
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  • Wonderful thanks so much ladies!!!!
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  • related question: how old does your witness need to be? Do they need to be over 18?
  • I did it myself and it was no problem. Just bring the requred documents as listed above.

    I imagine that anyone signing a legal document as a witness needs to be over 18 (as typically minors need someone to sign on their behalf anyways).

  • Yes, only one of you needs to be there, with both IDs and the form completely filled out.  :)  My hubby went to go file it as I couldn't get the time off work.  You will need two pieces of ID, one government issued - either passport or driver's license or birth certificate and the other can be a credit card.  Let me know if you have any questions.
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