a few store reviews

ill start with my most recent place i visited which was today 
Bridal bells boutique in berlin. the owner was really nice i came in with a bridal look book. and showed her a few gowns i loved she didnt have any of them in yet as they are from the new collection coming out but she pulled over 12 gowns for me to try on.  I am plus size and she had plenty of gowns for me to try on every single one of them she was able to fully close in the back or partialy closed im a size 22. gowns were amazing she had some venus, toons of morilee and some other designers i fell in love with 2 dresses but needed time to think it over she was even able to show me the gowns with straps or even half sleeves, she was very nice not pushy at all and understood that it was a big descision for me and needed to think about it. i would recomend her if you are plus size one of the samples i had tried on was even in a size 30 which i was shocked i had to be cliped to that one... 

Bridestobe in glasonbury its consigment only 30% of her gowns are true consigment the rest are samples she gets from all over the place i visited her shop in march. she does have gowns from 0-28 but for plus size she does not get in gowns often nor do they fly out the store.. most of them need a lot of work to repair them and samples can me more than 3-4 years old if you are in a bind and want a really inexpensive gown and dont care about a dated gown then i would recommend them 

i really was in love with some bonnys but the salon that was getting them for me decided to expand and do plus samples but she wont have anything fully in the store until august. she told me i have one gown for you to try on but i dont want you to have to come all the way down for one dress. i am checking out one other salon to see if i like any of there gowns different designers  this is the gown i fell in love with

Re: a few store reviews

  • went to stylish impressions this weekend. went up to the bridal area on the second floor. all the gowns were open out of bags hanging on nice racks and hangers. i was allowed to pick out gowns from the racks. only problem is all of the sizes are mixed. there was not  a seperate section for plus size gowns. browsing through the gowns i had to search for the tags to find the sizes. i was able to try on about 7 gowns not many gowns in size 20-22-24 26 even though they specialize in plus ( its more on the smaller plus sizes  most of them were 14's 16's 18's  lots of allures and maggies nothing cought my eye i wanted taffita with pick ups some lace and lots of beading. the only dress with pick ups was super heavy a size 18 sample and would not even fit staff was very nice and said i could call back next month to see what they were getting in. was not wild  about the styles of the dresses.  i was honest they asked me if i had went anyplace else i told them i had this other dress that i liked elswhere but nothing topped that.  i had this bridal moment when i left the salon and realized the dress from last week was my dress 

    the lady at bridal bells was so nice to see me quickly to re try on the one shoulder taffita  dress with pick ups. my aunt was in town and with me and my mom and sister and trying it on again i knew it was my dress. going end of the week to make a deposit on the dress.  a morilee in ivory with another strap added to it 
  • Glad you found your dress! Its a beauty! :)
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