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Wedding Dress advise needed!!

Hey ladies, I wonder if someone could please help me! I Wanted to wear a sweetheart neckline with a lace overlay that covers my neckline and shoulders, but someone recently told me that its best if shorter girls wear a open neckline like a strapless sweetheart dress. I am not very tall. And I really don't want to wear a strapless sweetheart dress! I just want to know is that statement true and where can i find guideline for choosing the perfect dress for my length? 
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Re: Wedding Dress advise needed!!

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    I think its not so much about the neck line/ but the dress lenth and body style. I am 5ft 1 and i cant wear short dressed that fall below the knee because then i look cut off. I also cant wear sheath dressed because they show (what i feel) is my tummy that i am insecure about. Go shopping with someone you trust just to get an idea and get their opinions.
  • I so agree with PP. Go with someone who will give you an honest opinion. You never know whats going to look best until you try a bunch on. I say try what you want on, but don't NOT try something on because you feel like it wont look good. Give all sillouets a fair shot. 
  • Thanks a lot!! Think I will give each silhouettes a fair try! Maybe I change my mind . 
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