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Guest book ideas

Any creative ideas for a guest book, or things  you have seen that people liked?

Re: Guest book ideas

  • Our photographer puts together a guest book that has pictures from our engagement shoot on some of the pages. Then we picked a series of questions that guests can answer: "What's your favorite memory of the bride?", "What advice would you give bride and groom for a long, happy marriage?", etc. Guests can write on one page or several, plus there are blank pages in case they don't want to answer a question and just want to leave a message.

    I had a friend once use a college textbook as hers - she and her husband met in the class the book was from, so it had special meaning to them. It was definitely creative, though it was a pain in the butt to try to find somewhere with enough space to leave a message.
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     We have a traditional guest book, as well as a nice frame with one of our engagement photos in the middle. There's a white background around the engagement photo where guests can sign their names on. :) I thought this was a neat idea, & something we can hang as decor in our house post wedding! 

     As far as a couple more ideas go, I've heard of using a frame for guests to stamp their finger print on to & sign their names beside it. You can buy all different colours of ink pads, and they're generally inexpensive. Another neat idea I've seen, is to buy 2 larger black wine bottles, that guests can sign their names on in a white permanent marker. Not only could you display the bottles in your home, but you could always save them for a special occasion. A specific anniversary maybe? 
    This is definitely an area where you can get creative! Have fun! :)

  • I'm using manzanita branches in a vase to make a "wishing tree". I'll have cardstock cut into small rectangles with a ribbon tied to them & ask each person to either sign their name or a note to us & hang it on the tree. If you put in "wedding wishing tree" on Pinterest, lots of examples come up.
  • We're making a scrapbook with various pictures of us.  Because no one will be able to sign them if they're in the plastic sheets inside the book, we're putting one page on each table, with some fancy pens.  It'll give people something to do during the reception.  At the end, we'll collect each page and put them in the book!
  • We went to a local winery & got wine that we love. We had the venue put a bottle of wine on each table w/a silver sharpie marker. I put hung a tag on each bottle asking people to sign the bottles. The DJ announced it too. At the end of the night the bottles were collected & put back into the boxes and we plan to open them on our anniversary each year.
  • Im making a calendar using our engagement photos and then guests will sign in on their birthday. I'm a big card person so I thought this would be a nice touch, plus we are getting married at the end of the year so it will serve a great purpose ( :


  • We are doing something I saw on Pinterest :)  We are getting a decorative vase and having each guest sign medium sized river rocks with different sharpies.  I am then going to use the vase for flowers in my house..... (The sharpie wont fade will it? Otherwise I will use a fake flower arrangement instead :)
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    We're doing a globe because we love to travel. Then I saw it on Pinterest and was all bummed out that I wasn't the first one to think of it!

  • I think that using engagement photos and making a guestbook via Shutterfly or Snapfish is personal
  • @aefowler I'm planning on doing something similar, but mine will be a wishing well, which I might just sign "well wishes".  And then the same thing - guests write a note to the bride and groom and sign their name and then put it in the "well".  I just have to make sure that they don't mistake it for the wishing wells that are asking for money, because apparently that is also a thing. 
  •  We are using our engagment photos to make a calendar and then have guests sign in on their birthday, makes it easier to keep track of their birthdays plus we are getting married at the end of the year so we have a very personal calendar for our first year ( :


  • I would like my sister to paint me a tree with no leaves on a canvas.  Then as people arrive they put the tip of the finger on a small ink pad then us there finger print as a leaf and right there name beside it.  We will use various colours of ink and at the end have a beautiful keepsake.  

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  • We are using a coffee table book that has scenery pictures of Michigan and having guests sign the book. Our theme is "Pure Michigan" so I think this would be a great touch and our out of town guests can see more of Michigan and how beautiful it is. 
  • Leave your well wishes for the new Mr. and Mrs...

  • We did the "Story of Us" and made a picture book with pictures from throughout our relationship--people loved it!

  • We are thinking of using our engagement pictures in a shutterfly (or something else) kind of book as well. How are you estimating how many pages?? I don't want people to run out of room, but I don't want tons of white space either.....
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    We did one photo engraved frame from I DO engraveables. Everyone uses a special pen to engrave a message into the frame for us ( I think a couple other places make them too)


    It was a little pricey, but I love it because we can display it in our house with pic of our wedding and be reminded who attended our wedding

  • We're getting a photobooth that comes with double prints. One print for the guest, one gets pasted into a guestbook and the guests can sign it. But I don't think we'll have it during the cocktail hour so I might do a Picaboo/Shutterfly book with my engagement photos. 
  • We're having guests sign Jenga pieces!  How often will we go back and look at our guest book and how often do we play Jenga....?!
  • We found a store through etsy (though they are not just on etsy) that makes beautiful print of a tree with lots of leaves, a house with a huge cluster of balloons (think Up) tied to it, etc. They can customize with your names/date, wedding colors. We are having a tree print made for our wedding with 75 leaves, and each guest can sign a leaf. I think the store is called peachwik (am I allowed to give the name?).
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  • My dad is building us a bench that we will have everyone sign, and after the wedding we will clear coat it. And it will be something we can use when we buy our first house and keep it forever!
  • We are thinking of using a L cut out of wood where everyone can sign their name. But also probably using a book so I can write thank you notes and not have to look all over the L to find names. :) And I also found this idea of Pinterst! 
  • We are having a traditional guest book for the guests who don't want to do our untraditional guest book which is a hand painted canvas palm tree(painted by my amazing sil) and our finger print will make the leaves! A lot of my fiancés older Haitian relatives wouldn't be into it so were doing both.
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  • I am having a regular scrapbook that guests will sign the pages  and after the wedding I will add pictures and momentos to complete the scrapbook.
  • We are doing river rocks and I'm going to use them in the garden after the wedding
  • We had a big corkboard (covered in pretty fabric, and framed), and we collected a bunch of blank postcards, some new and some vintage from places that we had been or places we wanted to visit.  And some that were just cute old postcards with couples on them.  People could write a message to us and pin it on the corkboard.  We chose that just because we love traveling, and I'm kind of obsessed with postcards.

    People thought it was cute.  I'm not sure if we're going to hang the board and the postcards up anywhere, although that is an option.  I might choose to put the postcards in our scrapbook instead, I'm not sure.

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