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Price per cupcake?

I know bakery prices differ according to region, but what is the average cost per cupcake for a wedding? Or what do you think a fair price would be? We don't want any decorations or fondant, just simple buttercream frosting. I have looked at several websites of nearby bakeries and everything varies!
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Re: Price per cupcake?

  • The bakery we are going with that is in elmhurst (courageous bakery), is $3 a cupcake for weddings. I'm not sure if that's expensive. But these cupcakes are freaking delicious and slightly bigger than normal.
  • We are getting ours from Hyvee and its $2 per cupcake
  • Typically, cupcakes are $2-$3 per cupcake. Depending on whether or not your reception venue charges a "cake cutting" fee, cupcakes could save you money! If you do just want plain buttercream you could also get them from a grocery store like the above poster. Consider Meijer, Jewel, or even Costco. I personally think that they are equally delicious as most bakery cupcakes and can really be an affordable option!
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  • We found they were all over the board just get a extra cake
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