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Conflicted about bridal sash

Hello Knotties! I bought my dress two days ago and I can't wait for it to come (7 months to wait). It's ivory, not white, and comes with a belt. Here's a link to a pic:  So here's my question. The belt is very bright and modern looking but I'm going with a sort of victorian feel and my colors will have gold as an accent. If I decide to find a different belt, should it be with gold (as opposed to silver) accents so it doesn't clash? 

Re: Conflicted about bridal sash

  • Good point. I get caught up in silly details like oh my god my ring is white gold but what if I want to wear gold jewelry??? haha. A slightly contrasting color like champagne could be really pretty, and you're right about the jewels being a bit much. Maybe something like this: ?
  • That's my dress too.  :)  I also get caught up in details like you are describing, and I have considered exactly th same thing!!  I'm glad I'm not alone haha.


    That being said, the sash is so pretty in person that I think it would be hard to top.  I've look for other sashes but haven't found any as pretty.  Also, I think the ivory color of it is more classic than a champagne or gold color.

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  • Beautiful dress!  Mine's similar (strapless, but all lace).  I bough an ivory belt with a small cluster of jewels, but also bought a champagne and peach length of 1.5" wide satin from Etsy.   I had planned to put the belt's brooch onto the champagne ribbon, but the plain satin looks amazing with the lace too.  I got a yard of very high quality satin from parkstudio ( and if I don't end up using it, I'm only out about $5.


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