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Nevada-Las Vegas

Weather in December

I am getting married in Vegas in December (hopefully December 9th) and am wanting to book the Platinum rooftop terrace.  Am I crazy?  Will the weather be too awful to even think of an outdoor venue?  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Re: Weather in December

  • How funny I was there for my birthday last December and we left on December 9th lol. It wasn't too cold we were even
    out at night without jackets. In tthe day I do remember it being a little windy though. From what I remember it was about 70 degrees.
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  • I was in Vegas in early January and while the night got a bit chilly it was only because of the wind, other than that, we were in t-shirts and jeans, so you should be fine. In fact, I think it would be lovely, even if a bit chilly because it will have that crisp desert feel...I am a Platinum Bride too, so welcome to the club! :)
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    We went to Vegas in early December 2011 and I packed a light cashmere cardigan to wear outdoors. It was just right, even in the evening, and if you're more warm-blooded than me, could definitely get away with less!

    Just make sure to let your guests know what to expect for temps and they'll make it work!

    If you're still worried, maybe you can get some fire pits or torches for people to stand near if they get cold.
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  • December is great weather! We go every year (aside from our monthly routine trips) for a few days before Christmas and the weather is so nice with it clear, sunny and around 72 with a breeze.

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  • I was in Vegas in mid-December in 2007.  I thought the weather was nice (can't remember the exact temperature) and I usually just wore a light sweater in the evening.  That being said, I am from Calgary and our winters are COLD so it felt warm compared to what I was use to!  Try searching for weather averages for Vegas.
  • I am getting marred in November.  It's so funny my in laws from TX think that temps in the 60-70s (that's the average high) is cold and are worried about what they will wear.  Being from the north, I am like hollar for a dollar!!!  60-70s in November is a heat wave!!!  I say go for it.  As insurance, I'd ask if they have those lovely propane heat lamps on stand by.  I'd also do it during day light.
  • i was there for NYE2011. it was cold. i live on the east coast and it was just as cold as back east. we needed our winter coats.
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    Thanks for all the advice!  I really have me heart set on the rooftop terrace at the Platinum and you ladies helped ease my concerns.  I am going to chat with them about space heaters (I think I read that they set some up on the terrace) and see what they think.  Thanks everyone!!

  • We're also looking at getting married in Vegas December 2014 or 2015.  We're checking out the MGM Skyline Terrace and possibly renting the umbrella propane heaters from RSVP rentals if they'll let us.  BF's mom lives in the mountains and keeps her deck warm with one.  Thank you so much for asking this and thanks for all the info. 
  • I'm getting married at the Platinum on the rooftop terrace 01/18/14. It is cold but just let guests know. Also the Platinum told me they have outdoor heaters as well we can use
  • Don't always plan on it being cold. I lived in AZ for many years which is about same temp as Vegas and I can recall several New Years Days that had absolutely perfect 75 degree weather. So, it might be perfect you.
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