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One Day Cambodian-American Wedding

Has anyone planned a one day Cambodian-American wedding before?  I would like to take bits and pieces of the Cambodian ceremony and incorporate it with the western ceremony. This is the the concept I was thinking of but would love suggestions or ides: western ceremony, wrist-tying ceremoy, reception.  The main idea is to not have a full Cambodian wedding and western wedding in one day or two days.  Thanks!

Re: One Day Cambodian-American Wedding

  • sparent2010sparent2010 member
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    You can probably incorporate it. A lot of people are now leaning towards mixed ceremonies. I am not an expert on Cambodian weddings do the groom/friends walk the bride and her friends from the house to the temple like in Laotian weddings? I always thought that was a fun thing even if you were at a hotel  close to your ceremony site since it adds a lot of festivity.

    You can wear a reception white dress and traditional cambodian wedding garb to the ceremony or vice versa. I saw my high school friend did that and her pictures were beautiful. GL!
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    I am currently planning a Khmer/American wedding and one thing I found helpful was to ask my fiance's family what parts of the Cambodian ceremony is most important to them.  This way whatever parts of the American and the Khmer traditions I pull from I wont be sacraficing what is most important to my family, myself & my fiance, or his family. It is difficult though to take what is traditionally a two to four day event and squeeze it down to less than 8 hours. 
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    I agree with rlovellford. I assume it is your fiancé who is Cambodian? My husband is Khmer and some of their traditions were very important to his family. I didn't think they considered the knot tying to be the most important, the calling of the ancestors and blessings from the monk were important to them. We did a 1-day Cambodian wedding with the American wedding & reception the following day. Even that took a lot of condensing and still made for a long day for our guests. I hope you are able to find something that works for both of the cultures. Are you planning on wearing any Cambodian outfits or just a white dress? I'd love to hear how it all turns out!
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  • RoyalOrientRoyalOrient member
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    Hello, I planned a one day Cambodian wedding followed by a Western Reception this past May. We used a modern Cambodian wedding program that included the ceremonies that were most important to us and our families. Most "Ah Cha", Cambodian wedding coordinators conduct these ceremonies within a 5 hr max timeframe. I kept the bridal dress changes to TWO for the bride and groom and ONE outfit for the bridal party to save time. So our wedding was closer to 4 hours. All preparations were set up the night before or organized early in the morning to save time. Most Cambodian weddings are disorganized and chaotic so we tried to maintain a schedule to keep track of time. After the traditional Cambodian wedding, we had about two hours to prepare for the Western ceremony and reception. If you have anymore questions or would like more details, you can visit my blog below. I am working on a post about Modern Cambodian weddings that detail our entire day. G.L and happy planning!

  • Hello..I'm planning a Cambodian/American style wedding for early next year.  My fiance is Italian and he dreads the 2 day long khmer ceremony (I dread it too)...So to ensure that we have fun on our wedding day, I've decided to have a chopped down version of a Cambodian ceremony of at the house and then an American style reception. 

    I would love some suggestions for those who planned this type of wedding before.

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