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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

day of wedding coordinator? outer cape cod

Hi all-we are hoping to make our final decision on a venue in the next few days. We are torn between a private home that we would rent and then have everything brought in (tents, porta potties, lobster bake, etc) or at an actual wedding venue. My only hesitation is that we need someone to pull it all together the day of (ie who sets the table with the centerpieces? who tells the deliveries where to set up?) I have only been connected with one coordinator and it seemed astronomical ($3000) and much more involved than what we are looking for (get this, she will make you a pinterest page....can't we do that ourselves, for free??). Curious if anyone has any suggestions on who to contact for quotes on what this will cost? Basically if it costs too much, it makes our decision for us. Thank so much!!

Re: day of wedding coordinator? outer cape cod

  • Can't suggest any day of planners up that way, but I would ask her for references before you spend that kind of dough.  I do know that 1k is pretty much the low end of the spectrum for them, though.  The pinterest board seems ridiculous for a day of planner - all she can really do is get an idea of how you want the location organized.  It's not like she's there to pick out colors, vendors, etc - you're still on your own for all of that.

    Just my opinion on the choice-
    Honestly, we looked between more 'diy' venues and an actual venue, and for the sake of my stress level alone, it was hands down on the actual venue.  It gave us so much more time and room to focus on little things that would make the day nicer for our guests.  My best friend is doing a 'diy' venue in another state right now, and after looking at the headache she is going through (even with a day of planner), I would really, really say go with the real venue if you aren't particularly leaning one way or another.  Porta potties, generators, notifying neighbors, etc...I feel like your heart really has to be set on that location to make that work worth it.
  • You could try Jenn ;http://dotyourisevents.com/.  I personally have not used her.  She was my neighbor until recently.  I have sent others her way, including my niece.  My niece was extremely happy with her and I did see what a great job she did at that wedding.  She used to travel to the Cape and was relatively inexpensive compared to other day of coordinators.  I'm not sure about now because since she moved I have not spoken with her.  But she is definitely worth a try,  
  • Thanks so much-I have put in a call to Dot Your Is and another place.
    My heart is absolutely set on this space-I cannot imagine doing it anywhere else-now we just need to make sure it all works out!
  • Just a friendly update-we are going with Jenn and with the private home! Thank so very much for your help.
  • Oh, that is great!  Thank you for letting me know.  You will love Jenn!
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