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Unflattering Pictures

Why in the world do people feel the need to post unflattering pictures on facebook!?

I love my sister, I really do... but she always posts EVERY picture she takes. Even the horrid ones. I don't get it. She posted pictures on my bridal shower and there are some pretty bad ones. I hate being the one to say "yo sis--take the isht down!".

Re: Unflattering Pictures

  • LOL yeah I get what you mean, I'm not afraid to ask someone to take something down though! And before the wedding I'm changing my fb settings so I have to approve of any pics before they get posted/tagged of me!
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  • Yea I just untag them 
  • I hate it too! My mom is really bad at it. She posted a picture of me nursing my daughter right after the doctor cleaned her and threw her on my tit!! Now that's just disrespectful!! Talk about unflattering! Lol
  • I have a few friends who do it, but no biggie... I simply untag myself or just ask them to remove the photo. I get similar requests all the time, and it's mostly because I have some friends who are extremely critical of how they look in pictures (i.e. I think they look great and they think they look horrid). 
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