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alright.. I'm ready.. RECAP

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I have been trying to figure out how to do this.. what do I say.. tell it all.. or just get to the main points... I guess I will start writing and see how it goes......

Tuesday July 9th:
the day was very busy. We decided to split up and FI dropped off our son at his brothers house, while I dropped off our dog to the doggie spa and then my daughter decided to treat me to a mani/pedi. Decides on Shellac which turned out so nice (and still look good). After we were done.. I still had some wedding items I needed to ship. We go to the UPS store and the lady tells me that to ship a 6lb package to arrive by Friday would be 110.00. I looked at her like "WHAT!!!" ummmm yeah... that's not happening. Thank You and Good-Bye. Decided to pack those things in an extra suitcase and that's the end of that. Daughter dropped off at my parents.. my dad dropped us off at the airport.. everything went smoothly. . Arrived in Vegas and yeah... it was 103 degrees at 10pm.. walked out the airport doors and it was like my breath was taken away. We get to the hotel... yayyy AIR!! .. Check in after a few issues.. but all is good.. they upgraded our room.. sooo I was very happy. We go out to eat at the sugar factory ( this was where we had PLANNED to have our meet and greet). Very nice.. but price was more than I expected. Salad, burger and 2 martinis...74.00 not including tip.
Sooo.. looked around and found a better place.. finally went to bed around 3am pst.. soo technically 7am est.

Wednesday 7/10:
Limo picked us up to go to the marriage bureau to pick up our license.. then onto the chapel for a tour and details about the ceremony. . Everything went great and they also gave me a rose to say Congrats..
The rest of the day involved running around. Kind of a blur right now.

Thursday 7/11:
Started the day early running around dropping off my dress to fit for a bride for steaming. . And to my surprise they say I can pick it up in 5hrs... shocked.. but felt good about it.. in the meantime more running around..
picked up dress.. ran back to the hotel to get ready for the meet and greet.. I knew that mostly everybody had arrived Wednesday and Thursday, I had some SPECIAL women attending.. I text to see what room they're in.. and to my surprise theyre 3 doors down from me... soo just when im about to leave out of my door to sneak over and say HEY... who do I hear and run into in the hallway... FOOTBALLWIFE!!!! YUP!!! and then who do I see our friend Al annnndddd SULTRY!!! HUGS ALL OVA THE PLACE!!

OK.. get ready for the night we meet at PBR(professional bullriding) rock bar and grill... fun had by ALL.. and yea.. there was some bullriding..
after all that it was time for men and women to separate and have Vegas Fun... and at this time I got another surprise.. Case!!!! (Louisianalove) arrived!!! She is soooo gorgeous in person!!

Friday 7/12: this has been a long post.. soooo sorry

Friday. . I still had running around to do.. got that done.. my hair got styled and then it was time to get ready...
I finally realized I had been running sooo much I havent had any time for ME.... I knew at this point I wasn't going to have any time.. bridal party arrived to my room photographer arrived. . Then the make up artist arrived.. all I remember is she said she couldn't wait to play with my eyes.. "I hope that doesnt sound wierd". She said she had never seen such big beautiful eyes.. all I could say was.. "they're just eyes".. well she did her thing.. blah blah blah.. pics were taken..and we got outta

everyone kept asking me if I was excited. . And I kept saying.. its just Terrell. .lol.. well when we were in the lobby and I turned to see him for our first look. .. THAT'S when it was REAL..

onto the Chapel and this is when it got exciting. . I dont have to recap the ceremony since I hope you all have watched it!!!!!!

Onto the reception... initially thought 50 people.. ended up 23 people.. very nice and it was all the family and friends that we TOTALLY LOVE!! my DJ was great.. he had my PINK up lighting. . You can never go wrong pink!!

And I felt soooooo SPECIAL when I got my phone back and I had sooo many texts about people watching the ceremony... THAT TEARED ME UP!!

I know ive missed some things.. BUT.. this I know is REALLY LONG!!

ANDDD.... got a call informing me that my son got accepted into college!! Best wedding present EVER!!
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Re: alright.. I'm ready.. RECAP

  • I love this recap! I was online watching and I wish I was apart of the crew that was there! Im so happy for you, friend!... I guess this mean I need to get started on my recap ...
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  • Thursday night- BLAST!!! partied with nursing and her family. We went to the PBR bar, and then some strip club that puts players club to shame, and then kept the party going inside planet hollywood. Her family is super nice!!! kids are awesome, and if i were single....shoot, her brother would've had a cougar chasing his butt! FOR REAL!!!!
    Friday night- @nursing to you was super beautiful! her dress was amazing, but ya'll- how come she didn't even WEAR them shoes she spent 15 days blinging out1!?!? the preacher was amazing! Reception was at the Orleans and i had the chicken and about 15 bottles of water! There's a lot of mess that happened before, during, and after that i'm not allowed to speak upon.....

    Beautiful couple Nursing! I'm so blessed to have met you and was able to witness you and your hubbys moment together.

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  • Keyaira.. yeah.. u need to get on it..

    football.. girl... I started writing and now I realize I forgot soooo much....
    yeah.. I didnt wear the shoes.. but they are in pics... my dress was soo heavy that I didnt think I could hold it up even with it bustled. . So I got it hemmed to my blingy sandals..

    yeah.... I guess I didnt mention the strip club..lmao!!!!!!

    and when I woke up sunday morning. . On my door I had the sweetest note and stickers on my hotel door...

    didn't mention the random drunk guy scaling the wall past my room and then asking me where he could get the stickers because they were "SOOOO COOOL!!"
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  • OOPS. forgot to add that i have no pics of wedding :( my purse was only big enough for my liquor and smokes and you know, i got priorties and ish. lol! plus louisiannalove, sultry, and al had their cameras and videos out and preacher man said put that back in your purse or you'll be asked to leave.
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  • Yeah.. the chapel wasn't havin
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  • AAW ladies representing!  How sweet was that?!   Marionne sounds like your week was absolutely wonderful.  I am glad your day was just what you wanted.  Also congrats to your son for getting his acceptance.  :)

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  • I am so happy for you! Everything was so beautiful. You look amazing girl! Loved the recap. Kinda jealous I wasn't in Vegas that weekend:)

  • I know.. tooo bad the weeks didnt overlap
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  • nursing2u 1st of all your recap sounds like you had a ball and 2ndly WHAT HAPPENED TO MY VEGAS INVITE? I WOULDVE LOVED TO PARTY WITH YOU LADIES LOL...... Im sooo happy for you and again you looked beautiful and i wish you nothing but LOVE AND HAPPINESS ON YOUR NEW MARRIAGE...

    footballwife77 you and your big purse and all the priorities and ish you have in it LOL LOL

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  • MARRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!! Ok I had a complete blast in Vegas! I missed the meet and greet because my flight from New Orleans was delayed because of bad weather in Tampa...grrrrrrrrrrrrr...but once I landed got a shuttle to the hotel, key to the room and made my way upstairs IT WAS ON! I FINALLY met Footballwife, our other friend Al and SultryZulu...HUGS EVERYWHERE! So I changed and head downstairs to get ready to go to the strip club....Met MRS. NURSING2U MORE HUGS EVERYWHERE! I was excited to be around someone as short as ME! We loaded the bus and headed to the strip club that WOWED me! 
    I must say that I loved EVERY word that the pastor said during the ceremony. I was lightweight upset that I couldnt take a picture of Mari coming down the aisle Yall she was so beautiful in her dress!.... but I hate that the chapel made us put up cameras....grrrr But nonetheless the ceremony was beautiful! At the reception I had the chicken dinner and it was really good...except all my food was touching...Sultry and Footballwife can tell yall about my issue..but I separated everything and it was yummy...but lemme tell you all about this OREO CHEESECAKE we ate...BABYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY yummy as hayle! 

    Mari thank you for inviting me to celebrate your day with you...remember in my knottie of the week post I said I wanted to witness your wedding and I DID! I am so happy for you and Terrell! Love ya girl!

  • I am not sure why my pics are sideways....grrrr
  • .. and at this time I got another surprise.. Case!!!! (Louisianalove) arrived!!! She is soooo gorgeous in person!!

  • Awww!  Sooo sweet!!  Hate I couldn't make it but was there is spirit!  I still got my shout out at the ceremony ANYWAY!  Loves you!  God bless you and Terrell!
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  • Tira.. im sorry girl.. with all your changing of your dates... your final date was in a few months.. there was no way u couldve made it... but just like samiyah.. you two were there in spirit.. please believe that..

    Case... tell me why.. when we were sitting there about to eat I told Terrell. "I forgot to have them separate your food"... and YESSSS.... that oreo cheesecake. .YUMMMMMM!!!!!

    words cant express how happy it made me to have you ladies present to share with my family... funny thing.. my parents already knew who you all
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  • nursing2u No problem just glad the ladies that were able to come, came! And it sounds like it was soooo cool!... And i surely was there in spirit watching online...getting teary-eyed and all

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  • I appreciate truly did surprise me that people actually remembered to watch
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  • 1st let me say AGAIN that I'm jealous I didn't get an invite lol. I know you couldn't invite everybody. But anywho...I'm so happy you and Terrell are were y'all supposed to be...MARRIED ! You looked so beautiful and happy !! I Loved everything and glad things turned out great. Welcome (again) to the Mrs.side and congrats !!
  • U know I luv u... dont b like that. .lol

    and thanks for the compliments!!!
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  • Girlllllllllllllllllllll I can't believe you thought of me at that me that would have been the last thing on my mind...don't worry we worked it OUT! Butter plate held all my extras...they laughed at me because I didnt eat the part of my potatoes that had gravy on them lol
  • It was like we were eating and talking.. they brought over our cheesecake.. I looked at my mom and remembered she couldnt eat it.. and then looked right over to you,. and was like.. awww snap (I love my name is earl).. I forgot to tell them to separate her food. .lol
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  • HmMm..I guess lol j/k.. your welcome hun !! Love ya
  • Look at you... lip all poked
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  • {{{{{{HUGGGGGSSSSSSS}}}}}}}}
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  • Awww hun let me first start off by saying Nursing2u you were GORGEOUS. That dress, your hair, makeup, and that bouquet was the bomb. U all looked like yall had a freakin ball. I so wish I was there. And it was so nice that some of our sisters we able to join you. I watched the ceremony online and honey it had me in tears. I felt all the love u hear me lol. Congrats to you and the Mr. I wish the two of you a lifelong happy marriage.
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  • Awww.. hunni.. thank you soooo much..
    all the LUV.. ya'll tryna make me never want to leave the AAW
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  • You looked beautiful. You sound like you had a ball. Congrats on becoming a MRS
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  • LeciaBLeciaB member
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    i loved it all !! congrats again MRS.

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  • Nursing I am gonna give u the side eye cause we still have not met and live in the same it's lol Sounds like y'all had a blast Congrats again Mrs
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  • Side note u know you will have to help me with my bouquet right?! Thanks lol
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