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should I invite my dad?

My mother and father so not get along. My mom pretty much easier me alone, and she and I are really close now. My dad and I, however, are not. He was absent a lot of my childhood. Only recently had he been trying to talk to me, but I'm pretty sure it's a show because he's trying to get my sister to move on with him. I want to have my family there but I don't want him to end up starting a fight with my mother.

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  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    If you think you will regret not inviting him, then invite him. And if you think they cannot manage to put on their big boy/girl panties for a few hours for the sake of their child, tell them both if they start anything, they will be immediately asked to leave. 

    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    xcalygrl said:
    My parents did not get along at all. They went through a very bitter divorce several years ago. I didn't talk to my dad for the 3 years leading up to my wedding. I reconnected with him 3 weeks before the wedding. I invited him because he was still my father, regardless of what happened. He came. My parents did not spat with each other once. I don't think they even talked to each other. I was glad I invited him. I say that to show that sometimes adults can be adults, even if they don't like each other or get along. I would do like Addie said and warn them that if they start crap, they will be asked to leave.
    This sounds very much like my family. Not a bitter divorce, but a surprise one, when my dad left my mom for another woman. I tried to stay on speaking terms, but he got too nasty at times so I cut off contact. Not really hard since we were never close to being with. Reconnecting has yet to work. I invited him and his new wife to the wedding, but he declined attending. I felt wasn't thrilled about asking him, since I was afraid that he would make a scene, and was actually kind of glad when he declined, since that meant I wouldn't have to worry about him doing anything to upset me on my wedding day.

    OP, I think extending him the invite is a good idea. Hopefully he will be an adult and not do anything to upset you or any of your other guests, including your mom.


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    Follow your heart- be sure it's something you won't regret later- ;)
  • I would regret him being there and ruining it, but I will also regret not inviting him because that means my own father wouldn't be there, and that would break my heart at least a little bit, even if we aren't close.
  • My daughters are adults, one is to be married next year. Their dad isn't there for them. She will still ask him to come because he is her dad, how involved he will be is still up in the air.
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  • thanks. I'm going to invite him and if he comes good, but if he does start something I'll make him leave. I suppose that is the best option.
  • Off course you should invite him.
  • I have yet to be married, (73 days!!!) but at my sisters wedding, my dad was there and my parents got along like they have been friends for years! They hate each other with a passion and never talk, but they sucked it up and got along. I'm not inviting my dad for other reasons other than them not getting along... But he will get over it. Follow your heart and don't do something just to make someone else happy.

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