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Please help with ceremony decor!

We are having a quick ceremony, indoors, in the same place as the reception.  The tables will all be decorated beautifully, but I need help with decorating the place that we'll be standing for the ceremony.  It's a small stage (I'd have to take just one step up), with a brick wall behind it.  I don't want it to look to cheesy, but I don't want it plain either.  

Also, where is the best place to rent 3 small round tables?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Please help with ceremony decor!

  • You can rent tables from event rentals. 
  • Not sure what the lighting is like, but you might want to consider wrought iron candelabras or some candle variation.  Another alternate is a floral garland or arrangement that can attach to the brick wall or be stand alone. 
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    Thank you!
  • no problem.  Good luck!  I got alot of decor ideas just from doing google image searches or from looking at NOLA wedding photographer sites (which is a little less overwhelming than the thousands of google images)
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