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help, am i forgetting anything?

We are getting married in 19 days and I'm trying to think of anything I might have forgotten or missed. I think we have all the big important things out of the way. Any last minute advice?

Re: help, am i forgetting anything?

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    I'm getting married in 20 days and have the same feeling.....that I'm forgetting something.....I think it's probably normal.  :)
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    I found the knot and wedding wire's checklists extremely helpful.  I'm 5 days out and feel like everything's done.
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    Hi almost date twins! I'm 18 days to go :)

    Def agree - ive just been making spreadsheets in excel of what to pack, what to bring, what to put in the car, etc.

    Here's an example of the main things to do / pack:

    emergency kit, extra pair of shoes, the outfit for the day after (including underwear), shampoo / conditioner cause those hotel shampoos never get my hair as clean especially after getting all dolled up, makeup remover, phone charger, card & gift for my fiance, speakers for my ipad to listen to music while getting ready....

    I would say just start writing down all the things you will need for 1) Rehearsal Day / Dinner 2) Wedding Morning of 3) Day after the Wedding (if you are staying out and not home)

    Good luck!!!



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