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Our new home!

We finally closed on our new house this past Thursday!!!! It's been a long couple days, but we're almost completely moved in!! We're having a party tonight so people can come check it out and have some drinks and swim! We're still lacking some furniture but we'll get there! The house is much bigger than the one we were living in so it'll take time!!!

Here we are in front of our new house!!!!


Re: Our new home!

  • it sooo pretty! I would say cute (cause it is) but its too big to be cute! Congrats!!
  • Beautiful house! Congrats!
  • Wow! What a beautiful home! Congrats to you both - it's really cute (especially the porch area)! Enjoy moving in - that's always the fun part :)

  • Wow! Where do you live?? We're in the processing of buying our first house too, it's definitely not that big though--we need to move out of California lol
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  • oh how gorgeous!! I'm with Kristen, I wish we could afford something that grand in CA!
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  • Thanks, ladies!
    I've adored this house since I can remember...we swooped it up as soon as it went up for sale!
    We live in a small town about 30mins south of Boston. 
    We already had a few parties this past weekend, how could we not?! It has an inground pool and hot tub in the back....def not used to all of the space but I'm sure we'll get used to it! My two dogs and two cats are loving it!!! :)

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    Nice! Love the porch! Too cute!!
    :kiss: ~xoxo~ :kiss:

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