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How many is too many??

We have had the incredible fortune of lots of family and friends offering to give us showers.  We aren't having a huge wedding, we are inviting about 225 and expect that about 180 will be the final number.

I feel like it's rude to tell people no when they seem so intent on wanting to throw us a party but we definitely don't want so many parties that people are being invited to multiple, that seems greedy to us as well.  Is it incredibly rude to say thanks but no thanks to people giving you parties? Or would it be ok to suggest that some of them host a single party together?  Any advice is appreciated!

Re: How many is too many??

  • I have the same issue. I've tried to divide up the people into "groups" & invite them to one shower so that they're not being asked to attend lots of events. Ex: 2 of my mom's friends are hosting a shower for mainly my mom's lady friends to attend; my 2 cousins are hosting a shower for close family; my fiance's mom's friends will probably be doing a luncheon with his mom's lady friends, etc. Hope that makes sense & is helpful.
  • You have total control of accepting or declining offers to throw a party in your honor. "Thanks but no thanks" isn't rude at all. A lot of people offering probably don't know that others are offering also. 

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    If the guest lists for people offering would overlap each other I would definitely tell them someone else is already throwing you one. If it's going to be different guests then there isn't anything wrong with multiple showers.
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