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Professional Photos.. ?

I am still waiting, its been almost 2 months. Getting a little antsy. I'm pretty sure the contract said 6-8 weeks (I really should go read it for sure) but they had our engagement pics ready 3 weeks after we took them. I understand why it takes time, but I just want to see them already!!

Anyone else still waiting?
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Re: Professional Photos.. ?

  • vk2204vk2204 member
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    We are still waiting. I think my contract says 8 weeks. But what bothers me is the fact that my photog said she would have them all done and to me a WEEK LATER because she gave me my boudoir photos 2 weeks late. We have not seen anything since the teasers that were posted immediately and I am getting pretty upset.
  • I'm going on 4+ months! I think my mom is more upset than me. I know I'll have to spend a nice chunk of change once they're ready so I'm okay with it, but I never thought it'd take this long. 
  • lpick - Did they give you an anticipated date for proofs when you booked or does your contract state how long it takes?  While 3 - 4 months definitely isn't unheard of when you factor in the number of images taken, the number of weddings your photographer shoots and the number of people who work at that studio, but they should at least give you an idea.  Nothing wrong with kindly asking for an anticipated date from them if you haven't already.  Hope they come for your soon, I know how hard it is to wait!  But hopefully that long wait will be worth it!
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