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Winery as a venue for shower / rehearsal dinner?

There is a beautiful winery about 5 minutes from the church we are getting married at. Originally thought about having my rehearsal dinner here because of convenience. Now, I am thinking about using this as my bridal shower venue also. My MOH who is hosting it asked where I'd like to have it. The place is gorgeous, but is strict with having kids accompanied by parents and not allowing people in certain parts (which is understandable). I'm just not sure about hosting it there. What would you do? Bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, both, or neither? The place serves their own wine and beer obviously... we'd have to bring everything else, which would be fine.

Re: Winery as a venue for shower / rehearsal dinner?

  • I never thought about looking at my circle. I guess that would make a huge difference. I never thought about serving / not serving alcohol either actually. Just thought the venue location is beautiful. Thanks for your input!
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    My shower is at a winery. It's a beautiful location. We are only having 10-12 people there and they have a private room with couches and little tables so it will be more like it's in someone's home and we can relax and just have a good time. 
  • Sounds like a great option for both parties, so long as it is in the respective budget(s) for both!
  • Sounds like a good venue for both events. I think the big factor is how many guests will be at each event and do they have private/semi private spaces available to that will accomodate for each event? For example, if they only have room that will fit 10-15 comfortably and you have 20+ guests, the venue won't work. Or if the only space they have available fits 100 and you only have 20 people, you may get lost in the room. Check out the price of the venue and logistics & costs of bringing in food for the rehersal dinner. Anything else in regards to your bridal shower should be left up to whoever is hosting it (that doesn't mean you can't share any costs information with them, just leave planning up to them).
  • I think it sounds like a great venue for both events, as long as it is in your MOH's budget.
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