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November 2013 Weddings

Final touches . . .

I started on our runners today.  I know a lot of people don't like burlap, but that's what we are going with and I've had rolls of burlap sitting in my wedding closet for months.  Finally pulled it out today and made the first of our table runners and also did one of our burlap wreaths!  Being a totally NON crafty person (I don't do sewing, drawing, decorating, anything!), I am super proud of myself for getting so much done and for actually figuring out how to do it!  And, this is really our last big project for the wedding, so I'm super excited that it's started.  As of today,it's 11 weeks to the wedding and I cannot wait for it to get here!

Anybody else getting big projects out of the way this weekend?

Re: Final touches . . .

  • congrats on the runners.. I started and.. almost finished assembling the invitations.. it took a few hours but I made some progress.. now just to get the lables to address them..but by the end of the weekend it will be assembled 100%

    Daisypath - (PNE7)
  • I plan to put together a sample program over this weekend. 
  • I just finished assembling and addressing the invitations today! I'm so glad those are done and out of the way. It feels great! Next, I plan to start looking at Program designs and Menu designs. This week I'm also sending in FI's band to get engraved.

  • Congrats on all the progress, ladies!  It's really starting to come together, isn't it?  For 11/2 brides, we are 75 days away today!  I don't know why, but it feels like a big milestone.  :)  Happy Monday!
  • Tackling invite assembling over the weekend! 
  • We've got our invites put together and most of them sent out, and we've got a few replies back! It's so exciting, but now I'm anxiously waiting to talk to FI everyday to find out if more have come in (they're getting mailed to his place). We still have to decide what to do about flowers and get the guys outfitted, but other than that we're pretty close to being done!


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  • i ordered all of my burlap runners this week! :) im so excited!
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    I had a day off yesterday so I finished all the cut outs for the invitations, maps and direction inserts (just need to send it to the print shop), and our card cake box.. I'm gonna get together with my sister next week to assemble the invitations. Everything is coming together so nicely!
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  • What projects does everyone have this weekend? We have our walk through and our meeting with our florist tomorrow :)
  • This weekend is finding a florist, and I have my dress fitting!


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  • I just bought FI's wedding gift (knot cuff links from Brooks Brothers). The only wedding related thing I kind of have going on this weekend is looking for a bridal shower dress coming up and I'm testing out this spa that I plan to go to for my waxing before the wedding so I getting a trial run for that.

  • Oh that's smart about testing a spa...I should probably look for services too, especially since I just relocated and don't know any near me. 
  • I'm hoping to finish up the table runners, but we are definitely sending our invitations out!  So excited.
  • Finding my shoes and we're meeting our officiant! :-))
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