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Just Engaged and Proposals

Engaged This Weekend!

Because I don't want to pester my friends (lucky you, oh internet denizens!), my BF proposed on Friday! Wahoo!

Time to start the wedding planning. I was unaware, but apparently in the NJ area where we are located, 14 months prior to your ideal time frame is already late to the game, and many venues we're interested in are already booked through October/November of 2014. What a pain!

Anyone have any good tips on how to conduct the first meeting with reception venues? I've read a few articles and have a few planning materials that cover the basics, but would love to hear any suggestions or cautionary tales so we make the best of our time with them.

Thanks everyone!

Re: Engaged This Weekend!

  • KeptInStitchesKeptInStitches the Northern Plains member
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    I can't offer you any good advice, but congratulations!
  • If you want something, get it in writing!!!! That goes for every vendor you hire.  Do not allow a handshake or verbal agreement to spoil your day. 
    As for the reception venue, look at it empty and during a wedding.  Does it meet your vision? Make sure the rep. you speak with is fully on board with your budget (which will get blown to bits at some point, so try to keep it as close as you can).  This is a business meeting, so treat it as one.  Catering people know how to take advantage of a starry eyed bride.
    Other than that, try to enjoy your engagement.  
  • Thanks! Fortunately my fiance is a lawyer, so I'm hoping that will give us an edge in negotiating and when we get into the contracts phase.
  • I am also newly engaged - last Friday - so congrats! I just started googling venues in our area and emailing the contact listed on their website to request a tour and meeting. I've created my own worksheets using tables in Word to make sure that I ask all of the questions that are important to me at each meeting. I plan to look at every option possible, in every price point, before making any decisions. I know there are tons of planning books and websites available but I want to make sure I hit the points that are important to us. I've created a binder and will add sections and more custom worksheets as I need them.
  • One of my friends gave me a great planner book that has spreadsheets like that. It's been very useful. We don't want to waste time seeing every single venue in person, but the handful we've been to have only been okay. The one place I fell in love with is way out of our budget. We officially got the word from them that their negotiating numbers are still too high so it's back to the drawing board. I figure when we get down to a handful of vendors we really like, we'll start inputting info into our spreadsheets and hopefully that will help us make that decision. Good luck on your planning and congrats!
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