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So I just found out through a link to her blog on FB, that a friend is going through a divorce. She was one of my old youth leaders at Church when I was in HS, but through both of us changing churches, other than FB we don't have much contact. My heart is breaking for her, and I am a little disheartened as well. It seems like so many people are going through divorces or separations or marriage struggles, and it's silly really, but it makes me think "can we do it? can we really be the ones to beat the odds?" Yes I know all relationships are different, and I don't know what has caused the break down of my friends marriage, so I shouldn't compare me and my FI to these other people. And I know I shouldn't think this way, because faith in Christ is not a guarantee of anything but Salvation, but sometimes I think "these people are Christians, this shouldn't be happening to them". Does anyone else feel this way? 


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Re: Divorce

  • Sometimes, yea. But most of the time I think "these people were so happy together" kind of thing. You might think you know what's going on in someone's life... but the thing is, and what I have to continually remind myself, is that unless you are in that relationship, you don't know the details. Chances are no one knows the details besides them.

    If you constantly compare your relationship to anyone else's, you won't be happy in your own relationship. (I've learned this the hard way.)
  • I agree, @lplions. I don't usually compare our relationship with others, I think it was just the shock of it, and needing someone to vent to. I've come to really enjoy this board, and all you ladies on here, so I felt safe with sharing <3


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  • Understood, @flutterfly88. Sometimes getting it out in the open is the relief that's needed.
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