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I just took a tour of Saint Celements and fell in love with it! I had them hold a date for me and called right after I left and told them to just send the contract over because I really want that date/venue. We got a good price for doing a Sunday wedding, and even with the taxes and administrative fee the price was still pretty good. My question is, does anyone know if gratuity included in the administrative fee or is that something that we pay separately? Just wondering so I don't have any surprises when I get the final bill. Thanks!

Re: Saint Clements Castle administrative service charge

  • I doubt gratuity is included--you could ask them.

    Congratulations on finding a beautiful venue!
  • From working in the industry, I can give you the best advice! Ask Saint Clements what the administration fee is. Most places with have a service charge, which is most likely anywhere between 18-20%. This service charge is used for a variety of things. Your servers will most likely get 13% and the rest is used by the facility to pay the other workers. So I would clarify with the venue to see if the administration fee is that same as a service charge. If it is, then you do not need to give gratuity.
  • I will ask them. Thank you so much for your input!
  • just curious do you mind telling me your price quote for a Sunday? We are also looking into a sunday
  • They have this afternoon special going on (which isn't just for a Sunday but if you did a Saturday you would have to do 11am and that's just too early for me) where if your ceremony starts before 4 then it's $90 per person. With taxes and the admin fee it's like $115pp. If gratuity isn't included it will prob be around $135pp. If I didn't do the afternoon special it would have been the same price as a Saturday, which starts at $104pp.
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