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Alright, we have a lot of new people showing up now, and I would love for us all to have a chance to get to know one another!

SO..... Share your engagement story :) Bonus points for pictures! lol

Re: Engagement Stories!

  • My FI invited me to a friend's cottage.  The evening of the second day (in the rain) he asked me to go outside and make a fire while they got some stuff together.  About 40 minutes later, I was still unable to get the fire going (and I hate admitting defeat, but the wood was wet, the paper was wet, and it just wasn't cooperating) and it was really dark, when I see what I thought was FI's friend dressed as Death.  It turned out that he was a Nazgul, which I clued into when FI came in a Faramir outfit, that he had spent 8 months making by hand. 
    I actually at this point didn't know it was a proposal, because we sort of do stuff like this more often.  But then he mentioned something about the Nazgul looking for "the ring", and suddenly I realized "holy crap I'm getting proposed to!". 
    We had to take pictures the next day so that people could actually see, hence the fact that it is light and not raining. 
    I'm looking forward to hearing other proposal stories!

  • That's so cute and I love that he spent so long making that!
  • Ha this is one of the cutest stories I have heard. Sounnds like you guys have alot of fun together.
  • Thanks!

    But where are all the other engagement stories?  We've got a ton of insanely creative brides on this board, there must be some really creative proposals floating around . . .

    Does anyone have a favourite proposal that they heard about on the internet?  I always like the scavanger hunt stories - one girl said that her boyfriend put her on a scavanger hunt that ended on a hill near her town, where she was "attacked" by a dragon, and then her "knight in shining armour" come out to defend her and then proposed.  I like that one, but I'm just a sucker for dragons and guys in armour.

  • I suppose its only fair if I share mine being I started this hahaha... Way to go me :P

    My husband and I are both big military history buffs. So for his birthday in 2011 we decided to figure out a weekend trip somewhere where we could see a fort or military base we hadn't visited before. Funny enough right after saying we were going to do that his mother won a weekend stay on Mackinac Island, and neither of us had seen the Fort there.

    I had NO idea what was going on, I mean it was his birthday weekend, surely if he was going to do it this is NOT the time right? We went to the tea patio area at the Fort overlooking the island. He seemed really nervous, but I wasn't sure why. Suddenly when we finished our glasses of wine he informed me we had to go somewhere and took me to the lookout post where they do the cannon demonstrations. It was there that he dropped to one knee and asked me.

    He later admitted the reason he was nervous and immediately needed to go somewhere else was because he was going to do it at the tea room but there were people and he suddenly got nervous I might say no lol

    My ring, to add to the story, was a set he had custom made at a jeweller up north where I am from (6 hours north of here). The jeweller is one that has importance to my family. He also knew me well enough to not make a normal 'wedding' set but instead had it done with a black diamond and rubies. I LOVE how unique it is!

    This picture was taken  by someone who walked up onto the lookout just as I was saying yes and volunteered to take a picture for us :)

  • Aw, that sounds awesome!  I'm just guessing his mother didn't actually "win" this trip?  Or did she actually win it and it was just really good timing? 

  • We both have busy schedules and take public transportation so we spend a lot of "quality time" at bus stops waiting to send one another off. One day as we were hugging byebye he simply asked "do you wanna be my wife?" And without much more thought, I said "yup". We kissed and went our separate ways. For as offbeat as we are, we are very asamatteroffact as well. Later I did ask "so, we're engaged?" and he said "yea!" :::
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    I love engagement stories! Your are all so awesome!!

    Well here goes mine,

    It was Nov. 19, 2011, I was on my way home from work, my fiance had a dentist appointment, so  i text him saying that I am going to meet him there to wait for him so I can drive him home. We did not live together at the time. He text back saying " just go home, I'm still in the char, I am going to be awhile". So since it was the week of  Thanksgiving I decided to do some shopping. I go back to my house, and I hear my dog is loose, so i think my mom and sister must be home. (When no one is home, my dog stays in the back of the house). I open the door and my lil Daisy comes to greet me, and she has a note tied to her, and I'm like, ugh, my mom is so annoying! She is trying to be cute by leaving me  a note how to make the zucchini pie again! (I had a party to go to that night and we were talking about the recipe the night before so i thought this letter was going to be the written recipe bc she thinks im going to screw up the pie). So i open the letter and it reads the following:

    "Hi mommy,
    you've always wondered what I could say if i could talk, well i can't talk so i picked up this pen with my little paw and wrote you this letter. in case you haven't noticed i love David sooooo much and it would make me the happiest little puppy if you were to make him my daddy. So you would you please marry him? Say yes! say yes!!!!"

    I turn around and there is David, and I just start bawling like a baby, and he said some nice things, i don't remember bc i was so excited. He gets down on one knee and says "will you marry me" and Im still crying and he's like "is this a yes?" and im like yeaaa

    My dog means the world to me, i've been through so much and she filled that little hole in my heart so having Daisy as a prop in my proposal means so much to me. I would post a picture of my ring but it never uploads right! BUt i'll describe it- its a 1.25 cushion cut diamond with a pave band with graduating diamonds. its perfect for me.

    Congrats to all you ladies!
  • My proposal story happened way back long long ago in the year 2008(october 31st will be our 5 year anniversary). I know long time right. Were just now getting around to getting married as I had sone health related issues. Anyway once upon a time there was a mr and a ms. They lived in a small apartment while mr went to school. They were happy and things were normal. One day while getting ready for a party on october 31st ms was doing her hair and makeup and mr disappeared. Ms looked around their tiny apartment until she opened the bedroom door. The room was lit with candles and mr was on one knee. Needless to say halloween has always been a favorite holiday
  • Well... he walked in the door, I was on Pinterest, and he sat down on the couch and said, "Do you wanna get married?" I said, "Yeah." 
    lol. After he knew my answer he bought a ring and took me to the park and did the whole get donw on one knee thing but I will always remember our *real* engagement of us just being us, in our cozy apartment.
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    It was April 12th. We were attending a fire festival in the Appalachian mountains. after a long day of classes, it was time for the nightly fire circle. We both went out to spin, and he stopped me mid routine and proposed. The fire festival was our first vacation together the year prior, and fire spinning was what caused us to meet.

    So we got to share it with a dozen other spinners behind us and a few hundred in the crowd. 
    No photos but did get video from my scheming best friend. 
  • We were doing the CN Tower Edgewalk...where you are in a safety harness & walk around the outside of the top of the CN Tower. We were at the end of the walk and the guide asked if anyone had any questions. My fiancé said he had a question for down on one knee (safety harness & all), and the rest is history! Best day of my life so far :)
  • We went on vacation two hours from our house with FI's parents.   DS and and I went for a hike alone one morning and when we got back I could tell from everyone's looks and behavior that we had walked in on something. FI handed me the camera right away and asked me to take a picture of him with his mother. 

    The next day we were back home and FI and I were alone at home after his parents had gone back to their hotel and looking at pictures from our trip.  We came to the picture of him and his mother and got all quiet for a minute and then told me "I had just told her I was going to ask you to marry me."   I was totally taken off guard.  Then he went on to say he wanted to do a fall wedding at this barn we'd stumbled across on a different hike.  Mind you, this was on July 4 so I asked him, "you mean fall of 2014 right?"  He looked at me like I had three heads and said he didn't want to wait another year  for me to be his wife.  I momentarily freaked out at the prospect of planning a wedding in only 2-4 months but then remembered what was going on and told him yes.
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    Here's my story. We were on a 10 day Mediterranean cruise with his mother, grandmother and family friend. Our second stop was Gibraltar and we had a tour booked for the day. We took the cable car up to the top of the rock of Gibraltar and then browsed around the gift shop. After a few minutes, our tour guide was ready to take us and the rest of the group through the tunnels of the rock. My FI called my name and said, "Hey, let's go up these stairs and take a picture." I told him no, that we had to stay with the tour. He insisted and I finally relented. He ran up ahead of me and by the time I reached the top of the stairs, he was kneeling with the ring in his hand. He asked me if I would be his forever. I was in complete shock. I think I asked about 5 times, "Are you serious? Are you asking me to marry you?" Anyway, I of course said yes and we ran back to catch up with the tour. It was one of the best days of my entire life. 
  • My FI begged to go to the zoo even though it was starting to rain (we are members at the zoo in our city). I was submerged in my thesis research during finals week in grad school, and had to be at work in 2 hours. He asked in front of the polar bears, which are my favorite, and then I proceeded to call all of my family in the pouring rain. I think I like the zoo even more now!
  • I was encouraged by my mother to find rings and soon after I hid his ring box in my deck box.

    I was fidgety and he was wasn't wondering about why I was protective of items that day. At dinner I proposed and he almost cried. He said yes!
    In love since July 2010 with the man of my geeky dreams. I want to marry him by 2015. Ooooh weeee oooooh....
  • My FI proposed a few days before I took my first CPA exam. I was spending the evening at his place and he wanted to give a nice, quiet evening to study and relax.  He and his brother (who he lives with) picked up dinner and cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory so no one would have to worry about cooking.  After dinner, I studied for a few hours and around 9 or 10 'o clock, my FI asked me if I wanted to go see the pretty picnic area he had found and go eat our cheesecake there.  I really didn't want to leave the apartment, but I went anyway.  We wandered around his apartment complex for a few minutes: he was pretending to not quite remember where it was so his brother could have time to make sure everything was set up. 

    He led me to a picnic table with a few trees.  He and his brother had strung up beads and lights in the trees so it looked like fairies where flying around.  It was magical.  We ate our cheesecake and at some point, I realized that he was really quiet.  The thought that he was proposing crossed my mind, but I dismissed it and figured he was just happy and content.  Soon after I dismissed the thought of proposal, he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring.

  • My fiance and I had talked about getting engaged in depth before he actually proposed, since he is going away to grad school for about a year and a half. He asked me to pick out ring styles so he had an idea of what to get. We actually had an upcoming trip to Portland planned, so I assumed he would be proposing then. One night I got off work and we were playing Mario Kart, when he jumps up and says that he can't wait anymore. He then pulls the ring out and gets on one knee. 
  • My fiance and I went for a walk "on the square" in our town.  It's a little shopping district with cool stores and my favorite confection cafe.  We got a hot cocoa and wandered then he said we should go in the park on the square and relax on a bench.

    As we were wandering to a bench, I saw a little kid run by with his pants around his knees.  I said, "that kid needs to pull up his pants." 

    We made it to the bench and sat quietly for a bit.  Then my fiance started saying things like, you're my best friend, etc. etc.  We tell each other this often, so I didn't think this was the "big moment," so when some teenagers went walking by with their pants below their asses, I said, "THOSE guys need to pull up their pants too- why doesn't anyone want to wear pants today?"

    Yeah, I interrupted my own proposal! 

    He soldiered on and asked me and I finally got over being stunned and said yes.  While we were hugging a bum who hangs out at the park a lot started clapping for us.

  • I was princess in the New Haven St Patrick's Day Parade New Haven, CT and he interrupted the parade while I went to talk to my family. I asked where he was and everyone said they thought he was at the bar still. I was pissed! then I saw him walk in between a bunch of bag pipers and the the rest was just a blur!
    part one:

    part two:

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    My fiance proposed on our first trip to Disney World together, we had a wonderful dinner in Epcot and then ran over to the bridge overlooking the lagoon. He made sure we didn't get there early so we would be in the back row of people to watch the IllumiNations fireworks show. During the show, I could not see and grew REALLY cranky. I suggested so make times that we "just leave" they early to beat the crowds. DF insisted, "We CAN'T leave yet". 


    During the finale, he got all antsy and led me by the shoulders to the middle of the bridge and asked, "Can you see now?" "No! I TOLD YOU I CAN'T" I replied. "What if you turn around?" When I turned around, ssaw him on one knee. People began to clap and ask, "Did she say yes?!" OF COURSE I DID.

    We are both HUGE Disney fanatics and he made sure that the whole day was perfect- lunch with the princesses, dinner near the big ocean tank at the Coral Reef restaurant... just wonderful! 
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  • My FI and I started playing through favorite video games together shortly after we started dating, each alternating showing the other a favorite game. I'd been procrastinating on the end of Phantasy Star IV due to a dungeon that was a huge slog, and he'd been unusually insistent about me continuing. Well, one evening I went ahead, sat down, and we finished the final boss. We watched the end, and he was going to make popcorn and we were going to start in on Might and Magic VI, which was his choice.

    I thought little of it, and was sitting next to him playing with the cat and all as he started character creation. I was hungry and wanted popcorn, so I was like "ok, we have the stats in, why don't you make popcorn while I play with the character pictures and names?"

    He says "sure, but I want to do something kinda cheesy with the character names first."

    I figure he's going to be silly and do stuff like "Brock Hardchin" and "Zap Shinypecs" (we're MST3K fans)... Well, I look up from playing with the cat again, and see that he's named the four characters "Will" "You" "Marry" and "Me?" and he pulls the ring out of his shirt pocket. :)
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    FI and I had been together 9 years and decided to wait until after I finished school to think about marriage. We both knew we wanted it eventually. One semester before I graduated, FI and I went on a trip to Chicago for the weekend. We were out skating by the kidney bean thing and he told me he needed to stop for a second to tie his skate. I didn't notice that his skates were both tied!! 

    He proposed with this huge (I mean like 5 carats of cubic zirconia)  fake diamond ring. He then said that it wasn't a real ring (I couldn't tell, lol), and that we walk down to Jeweler's Row. He said that like all big decisions in life, he wanted me to be included. I was in a big flustered panic, so I choose about 5 settings I liked, and he went to the back of the store and choose from there and chose the stone, and then surprised me with it. Then we wandered around Chicago in a daze looking for food but mostly not paying attention to anything. We finally found a Thai place that had a bar.

    Apparently he had been carrying around that fake ring for months, and the day before I asked if we could go skating tomorrow. He was really sick all day, and I couldn't figure out what was going on with him. Now I know he was just nervous, which is a crazy feeling after 9 years. He knew I would always say yes!

    I am currently looking for ways to secretly include my joke ring on our wedding day. I wanted to sew it onto my underwear to have under my dress, but I'm wearing big ugly spanx. I'm thinking of including it on the centerpiece that will be in front of us or on our top tier of the cake. 

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  • I'm a huge Rennie. Every year, the Renaissance Festival Forum has a Rendezvous, like a convention. They pick a new faire every year. This past year, 2014, my local faire was chosen to host it. I, along with 5 others in the area, planned the whole thing. I was in charge of getting hotels organized, food, and transportation for the 50+ from all over the country. After months of planning, the weekend finally came.

    My fiance and I were in our steampunk best (while it was at a renfaire, we also meet up with steampunks there that weekend) and he and I went to this balcony for lunch. We then found like 10 of the guests for Rendezvous and had lunch with htem. Then, my fiance tells me to put my hat back on and hands his phone to one of our new friends. He gets on one knee ad pops the question! I honestly don't remember what he said, but everyone cheered, like even people below our balcony who were watching. It was amazing, I was so happy! And we have photos! I'm a mess

    It was so great to be at a place I love (faire) with all our new friends. Then, later that day, his family showed up at faire and we all went to dinner to celebrate. It was amazing. After lunch, we were walking around and I happened to ask this random guy to take our picture for us. Here's our 'engagement photo' that I love.


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